Jerry Springer: Ridiculously In Love Singing Breakup & Heavenly Fight


Jerry Springer: Cheating, Singing and Fighting

On April 10 2013, Jerry gets a little heated. First up, a guy gives his girlfriend a serenade on stage. It all hits a sour note when he comes clean about his mistress. Then, a woman thinks her boyfriend is being true to her. Turns out her boyfriend has had a religious epiphany and is now in a relationship with a woman named Heaven.

Jerry Springer: Singing Breakup

Jerry Springer: Ridiculously In Love Singing Breakup & Heavenly Fight

On April 10 2013, Jerry Springer helps a man serenade his girlfriend and then watches them get into a fight.


Taking a que from Taylor Swift, a boyfriend decides to express his love in song. He enlists Jerry to sing while he performs on guitar. He is so “ridiculously in love” with his girlfriend. It looks like this would have a happy ending, until he comes clean about his past.

Out comes Jeanine, the girl that the boyfriend slept with. His sweet talked girlfriend drops her love mask and picks up a torch and pitchfork. You are going down, Jeanine.

“You cheated on me with that?” the girlfriend asks.


“All you’re good for is cooking sandwiches,” the insulted boyfriend tells the girl he is “ridiculously in love with.”

Girl, you have our blessing to give him a beat down he won’t forget.

Jerry Springer: Match Made In Heaven

Then, a man and woman think they are a match made in heaven. Correction, the man is in a relationship with Heaven and he’s kicking his old girlfriend to the curb. The old girlfriend decides to make Heaven’s life a living hell.


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