Jerry Springer: Restaurant Love Triangle & Sisters Jaleesa Vs Jankeeka


Jerry Springer: Restaurant Love Triangle

Restaurants can be a dangerous place for customers when employees start dating each other and it looks like Jerry Springer knows exactly what I mean. He is talking with three restaurant employees who happen to be in a love triangle.

Jerry Springer: Restaurant Love Triangle & Sisters Jaleesa Vs Jankeeka

Jerry Springer June 4 2013 has a restaurant love triangle on the show and sisters Jaleesa and Jankeeka fight over ex-convict Ken after he gets out of jail.


Rayana is the mistress of sorts but she is the one who seems the most angry. She might be mad because her cook boyfriend might not choose her over his longtime girlfriend. Regardless, she still tells the cooks girlfriend that her boyfriend made her favorite hashbrowns for her and she thanked him with more than just a kiss.

But it isn’t just the cook who is stuck in the middle of two women. While on Jerry Springer, Rayana revealed she is also a lesbian and she is dating one of the women working at the restaurant.

So, to make this simple, Rayana is sleeping with the cook, a man, and another employee who is a woman. The cook is sleeping with Rayana and his girlfriend, both of whom work at the restaurant with him and the lesbian lover of Rayana was just on Jerry Springer to hang out I guess. She didn’t do too much fighting or talking.


Ken Cheats on Jankeeka with Her Sister Jaleesa

After going in and out of prison numerous times during his life, Ken has realized he does not want to be in a long-term committed relationship. He wants to breakup with his girlfriend Jankeeka but he also has to tell her he has been cheating on her with her sister Jaleesa.

Ken tells Jerry Springer he has been through alot in jail.

“If you’re hungry, you can’t eat at night,” said Ken.

Good thing he had Jaleesa bringing him some late night treats when his girlfriend, her sister, wasn’t showing up to see him.


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