Jerry Springer: Rachel Confronts the Woman Who Stole Her Man


Jerry Springer: Rachel Confronts the Stripper Who Stole Her Man

Rachel is not happy with her Ben and she is especially not happy with the women who stole her man. Rachel told Jerry Springer the only reason she was one the show was to confront the stripper who stole her man, Molly.

While you would think fists would start flying between Rachel and Molly, you would be wrong. Molly just starts stripping the moment she walks on stage and Rachel can only look away in disgust.


Jerry Springer: Rachel Confronts the Woman Who Stole Her Man

Jerry Springer June 6 2013 meets Rachel, a woman determined to get her man back from the woman who stole him and another woman wants numerous lovers.

“If I were her, I’d be mad too,” said Molly as she tried to antagonize Rachel. She even gave everyone in the audience a show as she poured water all over herself and did a risque dance right on the stage.

So who is Ben going to choose? Both the women seem to be willing to take him back into their arms.


Greedy Woman Wants Everyone To Love Her

Jerry Springer has another guest on his show who wants everyone to love her without hating each other. While the woman tells him she does have a boyfriend, she also has a girlfriend she wants to keep around as well.

While neither her boyfriend or her girlfriend are happy about the arrangement, it is the her girlfriend’s girlfriend who is really mad. Yes, the woman the greasy woman was dating already had a girlfriend and she was on Jerry Springer to fight the woman trying to steal her girlfriend.

Even after all the fighting, yelling and backstabbing going on, the greedy woman still wants to have everything her way.

“Can’t I just get what I want,” she asks of all the people on stage.


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