Jerry Springer: Prison Babe Fights For Her Man & Who’s the Other Woman


Jerry Springer: Prison Babe & Who’s the Other Woman?

On March 18 2013, Jerry Springer is helping a prison babe get the truth about what her man was up to while she was doing hard time. Then, Bruce finds out his girlfriend has been going to James for her needs. Something tells me James’ girlfriend will not be taking on the voluptuous other woman. Or is she the other woman?

Jerry Springer: Prison Babe Fights For Her Man & Who's the Other Woman

On March 18 2013, Jerry has plenty of fights and other women, including a prison brawl onstage.


Jerry Springer: Prison Babe

A prison babe just got out of jail and she tells Jerry that she watched his show every day. She believes that something bad happened with her boyfriend while she was in jail. J.T., the boyfriend, admits that he cheated while she was in jail.

A girl fight breaks out onstage between prison babe and the other woman. The other woman calls her a low life and says the boyfriend has still been contacting her. Prison babe may look like a sweet little girl, but her claws are sharp and she’s not afraid to throw a punch.

Jerry Springer: Girlfriend Swap

Bruce hasn’t been attending to his voluptuous girlfriend’s needs. She’s not been putting up with it and goes elsewhere to get what she wants. To give you an idea, she wants someone that will be a little rough with her in the bedroom. Her affair has Bruce flustered.


When the other man appears, Bruce wants to fight for his lady. The thing is, this other man is half the size of Bruce. James “scored big,” Jerry says. James’ girlfriend appears as well and asks him what he was thinking.


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