Jerry Springer: Open Relationships, Love Addiction & Cheating Scandal


Jerry Springer May 9 2013

Jerry Springer has found himself in the position of relationship counselor on many occasions over the past 20 years. Now he is back at it once again in when his guests Nelson and Crystal are on the May 9 2013 show. Nelson has a big question for Crystal, and it’s not the one that every young girl dreams of hearing from the man she loves. He wants an open relationship. And there are more guest shockers on the show as well.

Jerry Springer: Open Relationships

Jerry Springer: Open Relationships, Love Addiction & Cheating Scandal

On Jerry Springer May 9, can one couple make an open relationship work when one of them says he is addicted to love? Plus, guests admit their bad behavior.


Nelson wants to tell Jerry Springer that he has more physical needs than his girlfriend Crystal can satisfy. What will happen when he tells her on the show that he would like to have an open relationship?

If you think that is going to go over well on the May 9 episode, just wait until you find out that he has probably already been exploring this option on his own time. I doubt that bombshell will improve Crystal’s mood.

Jerry Springer: Love Addiction

Ronnie has a surprise for his girlfriend. He wants her to meet his boyfriend, who goes by the spectacular name of Noodlez. What is the poor girlfriend going to have to say about this blind side?


I realize at this point that generations of young people have grown up watching Jerry Springer, but that is not the only means you have to confess relationship secrets. See the smackdown that results from Ronnie’s confession on the May 9 episode of Jerry Springer.

Jerry Springer: Cheating Scandal

Also on the Thursday show, Minah is bringing a confession of her own. Find out what she did that was “unthinkable” when the boredom in her life and relationship got to be too much for her to bear. That’s coming up on the May 9 show. Can you handle it?


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