Jerry Springer: Milo Stalked by Mistress & Ciara Loses Her Best Friend


Jerry Springer: Milo Cheated and Now Has a Gay Stalker

Milo is a very confused man. He is on Jerry Springer today because he has to confess to his girlfriend, Ashley, that he cheated on her. He isn’t confessing because he feels bad for cheating though. He is being forced to confess because the woman he cheated with, Tiffany, is stalking him and she has threatened to tell his girlfriend about their night together if he doesn’t come clean.

Jerry Springer: Milo Stalked by Mistress & Ciara Loses Her Best Friend

Jerry Springer June 11 2013 talked with Milo about cheating with Tiffany and then being stalked by her and Ciara sleeps with her best friend’s boyfriend.


While that all seems like quite the mess for Milo, he has even more he needs to confess to both the woman. Milo is secretly gay and he wants both the relationships to stop so he can find himself a man to love.

After a short fist fight with his stalker Tiffany, who loses her hair in the scuffle, Milo is not happy.

“Get this big away me. What is wrong with this,” he screams at the security on Jerry Springer.


Ciara Ruins Friendship After Wet T-Shirt Contest Loss

Recently, Ciara entered a wet t-shirt contest but she only got third place. She was a bit devastated by the loss (who wouldn’t be) but her best friend’s boyfriend made her feel a little better.

“He was like ‘You have an awesome body, you should won,'” said Ciara of her friend’s boyfriend. “So I slept with him.”

When her best friend hears all this, she was backstage, she comes rushing out ready for a fight. After some name calling, both the women go at each other.

It looks like Ciara got something off her chest but this friendship might be make it through the end of the episode.


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