Jerry Springer: Little Person Stripper Vs Tennis Player Strippers


Jerry Springer: Shirley Husband Hits the Strip Club

“Every man has needs” was Shirley’s husbands excuse for why he cheated on her with a stripper. Apparently she wasn’t getting the job done in the bedroom so he took matters into his own hands. Well, all three, including the stripper he cheated with, are on Jerry Springer to calmly violently work things out.

Jerry Springer: Little Person Stripper Vs Tennis Player Strippers

Jerry Springer May 24 2013 pitted a little person stripper against a normal sized stripper and two college girls who love tennis and stripping.


Both the stripper and Shirley go at each other after the stripper gives Shirley’s husband a kiss on the lips. The ladies go at it pretty hard. They are more hair pullers than punchers, but they sure give the audience what they want; a good fight.

In my opinion, Shirley should have saved some energy to slap her husband around or at least saved enough energy to head to her lawyer’s office to fill out some divorce papers. If it was me, I would punched him right after he said the reason he did it was because “it was fun and it was easy.”

Tennis Player Strippers

Jerry Springer is bringing some college girls on his May 24 2013 episode. Even though they brought their tennis rackets with them, they aren’t on the show to play tennis. Jerry Springer has  stripper pole ready for them when they get on stage and they know exactly what to do.


The men in audience seemed to enjoy the show but what about the women? Don’t worry. Jerry didn’t forget them.

Little Person Stripper vs Average Sized Stripper

Jerry Springer is pitting two strippers against each other in a strip off. One little person in a cop uniform against a normal sized person stripping out of a security guard costume.

Who will win the strip off? My money is on the little person. He looked like he had some moves.


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