Jerry Springer: Lesbian Stripper Fights & I’m Leaving You For A Woman


Jerry Springer May 10 2013

How many different ways can you be off the wall and wacky? I feel like on the Jerry Springer guest screening questionnaire, there are multiple check boxes, and if you fit a certain number of the criteria, you automatically get to be showcased in your own episode. That could be what happened for guests on the May 10 2013 show, “Lesbian Stripper Fights.”

Jerry Springer: Lesbian Stripper Fights

Jerry Springer: Lesbian Stripper Fights & I’m Leaving You For A Woman

Jerry Springer’s May 10 show is called “Lesbian Stripper Fights.” How will a woman react when she finds out about her girlfriend’s new dancing gig?


If you were going to find out that your boyfriend or girlfriend had taken a job as an adult dancer, would you want to learn about it by seeing video evidence? Is that better or worse than being invited down to the club for a live performance?

On May 10, a video reveal is exactly what’s in the cards for Jade’s girlfriend, who does not know what she has been up to lately. How will she react?

Jerry Springer: Don’t Steal My Man!

Jennifer is made that her friend has been making moves on her man. She is going to do something about it during their heated confrontation. I’m not sure how this story ended up amid the lesbian strippers, but you can only make your episode titles so long, after all. See what sparks will fly in this love triangle on Jerry Springer’s May 10 show.


Jerry Springer: I’m Leaving You For A Woman

Ashly is coming on Jerry’s show with a surprise announcement for her husband. It will at least come as a surprise to her, but maybe not her new girlfriend. She wanted to tell her man that she is leaving him…for a woman.

That seems like another major life decision that won’t go over well. But maybe a little bad behavior is just what you need to start your weekend off right. If so, tune in for the May 10 Jerry Springer episode.


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