Jerry Springer: Lesbian Sister Wedding Drama & Best Bad Pickup Lines


Jerry Springer: Lesbian Sister Drama & Transexual Love

On February 28 2013, Jerry Springer has to separate two sisters fighting over the same woman. While he attempts to throw a classy wedding for one woman, her sister is set on destroying their magical day. Hair and cake is flying on Jerry Springer. Then, a transexual wants Jerry’s help to find love.

Jerry Springer: Lesbian Wedding

Jerry Springer: Lesbian Sister Wedding Drama & Best Bad Pickup Lines

On February 28, Jerry Springer is throwing a wedding for a couple and then helping a transexual find love.


All she wanted was her sister’s support, but when they are fighting over the same love it’s impossible. Looking lovely in a wedding dress and flashy red extensions, she tried to reason with her sister Springer-style. That means fighting tooth and nail, bells ringing.

“You are going down!” she yelled.

Despite the fighting, it looks like a wedding is going to happen on Jerry Springer!


Jerry Springer: Transexual Love & Best Bad Pickup Lines

A transexual woman is looking for love. She has the boys falling on their knees in adoration at her feet and presenting her with heartfelt sentiments.

“I got you this glow stick so you can light up my life,” a stripper in a speedo told her.

That’s my new favorite pickup line. It’s horrible and wonderful all at once.

Another man tried to woo her Cinderella-style. He came out with flowers and dropped on one knee. The man presented her with a shoe, but will it fit?

What are your favorite bad pickup lines? Tell us in the comments.


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