Jerry Springer: Lesbian Marriage Bridal Battle—Don’t Marry Her!


Jerry Springer May 8 2013

Could watching a talk show change your life? If so, hopefully your life-changing experience is not coming from a catfight on The Jerry Springer Show. Weddings are supposed to be a happy time, but not on Jerry’s “Bridal Battles” episode, airing May 8.

Jerry Springer: Lesbian Marriage Bridal Battle

Jerry Springer: Lesbian Marriage Bridal Battle—Don't Marry Her!

It’s a bridal battle episode on Jerry Springer’s May 8 show. Shocking confessions could doom relationships, and the wedding cake will fly during this show.


Two women want to get married, but first, one of them needs to tell an ex the truth about her relationship status. “It’s not states’ rights, it’s cake fights,” promises Jerry in the promo for this episode.

Sure enough, wedding cake and wedding dresses are part of the action. I have never been in a real food fight. I wonder if there is some special way they have to bake the cakes they use to throw at one another on TV, to make them stay together better or be more fun to fight with.

I have not seen any recipes for food fight ideas on The Chew, but maybe that’s an episode they should get to work on.


Jerry Springer: Don’t Marry Her!

Gilbert wants to talk his brother out of getting married. He does not think that Orlando should go through with his wedding to Jasmine. But does Gilbert have an ulterior motive, other than his claims that marriage is bad news and only suckers could fall in love?

The Jerry Springer Show’s May 8 episode may be the death of romance. Can any of the couples featured in the episode make it out with their relationships intact? Since the show is called “Bridal Battles,” I’m not holding my breath.

Maybe I’m just too introverted, but I could not see myself accepting an invitation to appear on Jerry Springer’s show. It’s not like anyone ever gets good news.

On the other hand, I’m not sure how one would break up a wedding without resorting to a stunt like Springer to really make the point that you think it’s a bad idea. Do you have any suggestions for stopping a wedding?


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