Jerry Springer JeQuann Cheats Again & Women Fight Over Illiterate Mike


Jerry Springer: Alyssa Goes Undercover Under the Covers

Samii and her fiance JeQuann have had problems in the past. JeQuann cheated on her numerous times but their love was strong enough to make it through those difficult times. While Samii thought everything was going great in their relationship, she finally remember the saying, “Once a cheater, always a cheater.”

Jerry Springer DeQuann Cheats Again & Women Fight Over Illiterate Mike

Jerry Springer June 13 2013 talked with cheating JeQuann about why he cheated on his fiance again and two women fight over Mike, an illiterate man.


Since Samii wasn’t entirely convinced her fiance had given up his cheating ways, she sent one of her best friends, Alyssa, to go undercover and spy on JeQuann while she went out for a little.

I think it would have been a good idea to explain what undercover meant to Alyssa because I don’t think she understood what she was suppose to do.

She got the spying part down. She went to JeQuann’s house and watched him through the window but she was so bad at staying unnoticed he spotted her right away. Instead of being mad, JeQuann invited Alyssa in and showed her around under his covers.


Needless to say, Samii was not excited when she found out her fiance was cheating again. He got a big ol’ slap right across the face when he came out from backstage.

JaQuilla Steals Away Another Woman’s Man

JaQuilla really wants Mike to her man but he already has a woman and she is willing to fight for him right on stage. But JaQuilla isn’t backing down so easy.

“I plan on taking him away from your whether you like it or not,” said JaQuilla.

After some scuffling, Mike finally came out from backstage and it is almost unbelievable this guy had two girls fighting over him. He looked like he was 12 and he couldn’t read at all. He tried to read a love letter to one of the women but he stumbled with the first two words.

So who is going to be taking the illiterate Mike home with her? Only Mike knows that answer.


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