Jerry Springer: Hustler Tells His Women to Work Harder on the Streets


Jerry Springer: Hustler Caught Between Two Women

Jerry Springer has some hustlers on his show, June 5 2013, and they have some business advice for the women they have working the streets.

Some of the hustler’s women are getting out of line and some of them are getting attached to him but he doesn’t want either of that happen. He wants all the women to work for him and not get caught up in anything but bringing him more money.


Jerry Springer: Hustler Tells His Women to Work Harder on the Streets

Jerry Springer June 5 2013 talks with a hustler who wants his women making him more money on teh street and another women revels she is actually a man.

As the two women come out to face their hustler, they both start fighting because they both want to be with the hustler, but before they can hurt each other he pulled them apart to let them know what he wants from the relationship.

“You all working on the same goal and that’s me,” said the hustler amid laughs from the audience.


That isn’t good enough for one of the women though. She is not happy with her working conditions.

“I wake up early in the morning and work till midnight for you,” said one of the prostitutes.

Looks like one of these women might be looking for a new career soon.

Man Gets a Massage from His “Girlfriend”

On women brought her boyfriend on Jerry Springer to tell him a secret she has been keeping from him but first she wanted him to take off his shirt, get oiled up and lay down on the stage for a massage.

While the audience hooted and hollered at the risque massage, the woman told her shocked boyfriend she was actually born a man. You would think he would run away but he simply buries his head in the massage table in embarrassment.


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