Jerry Springer: Girlfriend Reads Boyfriend’s Texts With Special App


Jerry Springer: David Tells Monique He Cheated by Singing to Her

David tells Jerry Springer he is bringing his wife on the show today because he wants to end their marriage. He wants his freedom back and he believes getting married to Monique in the first place was a mistake. He tells Jerry the only reason he got married to Monique was because he felt bad about cheating on her in the past.

Jerry Springer: David Cheats with Monique's Cousin & Asks for Divorce

Jerry Springer June 19 2013 met David who sang a song to his wife, Monique, about cheating on her with her cousin and then told her he wanted a divorce.


So he brought on his wife and sang her a little song to let her know he has been cheating with his wife’s cousin.

“I’m sorry I had to do it on the Springer Show/I was with your cousin on the stripper pole,” sang David.

Obviously, Monique was not happy about being told her husband was sleeping with her cousin. She started throwing some slaps David’s way and then Jerry Springer brought out Monique’s stripper cousin.


“Your man just make it rain on me every week,” said the cousin before Monique attacked her with a flurry of punches.

Detective Girlfriend Reads Boyfriend’s Texts with Special App

The next woman Jerry Springer talks with is an amateur detective of sorts. She tells Jerry she downloaded an app on her boyfriend’s phone that allows her to read all his text messages. I don’t know if she was suspicious of him cheating or if she is practicing to be a detective, but she did find some naughty texts between her best friend and her boyfriend.

When Jerry Springer brings out Stephanie, the detective girlfriend’s best friend, the fists start flying right away. Stephanie tries to say she didn’t sleep with her friend’s boyfriend but I don’t think she believed her. Or she might not have heard her. She was busy yanking Stephanie’s hair out of scalp.


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