Jerry Springer: First Time Lesbians & Leyla & Kayla Fight Over Kenny


Jerry Springer: Kenny Chooses Leyla Over Kayla

Kenny brought his girlfriend Kayla on Jerry Springer June 20 but she had no idea why. Either way, she told Jerry Springer she was confident she and her boyfriend could get through anything, which might have been true if Kenny wasn’t cheating on her.

Jerry Springer: First Time Lesbians & Leyla & Kayla Fight Over Kenny

Jerry Springer June 20 2013 met a first time lesbian who stole a girlfriend from her friend and then Kenny watched Leyla and Kayla battle over him.


When he brings Kayla on the show, she noticed her old best friend Leyla is also on the show. When Kenny walks over to Leyla to give her a kiss, Kayla sees red and the first start flying.

As Kayla asked  Leyla is she really thinks Kenny loves her, Leyla said, “How could he not love me, Kayla,” as she lifted up her shirt and showed everyone in the audience a little more than they thought they would see at Jerry Springer.

When the fighting cools down, Kayla asked the one question she wanted to know the entire time, “You’re just going to take my boyfriend away from me?”


“He’s good looking. What do you want from me,” replied Leyla.


Jerry Springer: First Time Lesbian Christine Dumps Her Boyfriend

Christine is a first time lesbian and she is being wooed up and down by her new girlfriend.

“Forget your old girl, I’ll go the mile to make you my wife,” rapped Christine’s new girlfriend.

While it might sound like a great love story, it seems Christine stole her best friend’s girlfriend and made it official with her. And her best friend was a guy as well.

Basically Christine decided she wanted to become a lesbian, found a girl she knew, who was dating her best friend, a man, and then convinced that girl to become a lesbian along with her. I have a feeling this is not going to last that long.


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