Jerry Springer: Father Marries His Daughter’s Friend & Lesbian Wedding


Jerry Springer: May 31 2013

On Jerry Springer May 31 2013, a woman’s father reveals his desire to marry her former best friend, which does’t fly at all. Then, A mother tries to break up a wedding between her daughter and her lesbian lover.

Jerry Springer: Father Marries His Daughter’s Friend

Jerry Springer: Father Marries His Daughter's Friend & Lesbian Wedding

Friendships are ruined when a father marries his daughter’s friend.


Brittany was away from home for an extended period of time, during which her father got a new girlfriend. She didn’t hear too much about her, and eventually went back home to meet her, only to discover that her dad’s new girlfriend and soon-to0-be wife was none other than her former best friend.

Apparently, Brittany doesn’t think too highly of her (she is her former best friend, after all). “My dad deserved a lot better than you!” yelled Brittany at her new enemy. Gee, that’s kind of messed up. What self-respecting father marries his daughter’s friend? That’s just scummy. Speaking of scummy, Brittany’s friend is going to renew her vows right onstage!

The physical altercations that we have come to expect will most certainly be out in force, but what will everyone have to say? Why does Brittany have such a problem with her friend and her dad getting married? How is her dad going to explain herself? Let us know your theories in the comments below!


Jerry Springer: Mother Tried To Break Up A Lesbian Wedding

Despite their new prominence in popular culture, gays and lesbians are still not being accepted by everyone, and this mother is one of them. She is coming on the show to try and break up a wedding between her daughter and her girlfriend, who want to get married. To what lengths will she go to break it up? You’ll just have to wait and see on Friday.


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