Jerry Springer: Convicted Felon Baby Mama Drama & Cheaters Propose


Jerry Springer: Convicted Felon Cheated on By His Brother

Jerry Springer is going right back to what he knows best during his June 17 2013 episode. He is bringing on all the scandal he can and allowing his guests to go after each other.

His first guest is a convicted felon who is not happy with his brother after he found out he hooked up with his baby mama while he was still in prison.


Jerry Springer: Convicted Felon Baby Mama Drama & Cheaters Propose

Jerry Springer June 17 2013 talked with a convicted felon who is having some baby mama drama and then one man cheats on his girlfriend and still proposes.

Hopefully he didn’t get her pregnant because that would probably cause some more issues than just sleeping with her.

Either way, the brothers know how to handle the situation. Get on Jerry Springer and fight each other on stage in front of an bunch of people.


Man Proposes for the Second Time

A man is heading onto Jerry Springer because he wants to propose to his girlfriend for the seconds time. How that makes any sense is beyond me, but that’s what he is going do.

Do you think she is going to say yes after he dragged her on the show to propose to her? Maybe getting proposed to on Jerry Springer is her idea of romantic. Maybe I’m just a little old-school. You would think a romantic getaway would be a better spot for a proposal.

Man Cheats then Asks Girlfriend to Marry Him

The final guest on the show dragged his girlfriend on the show to propose to her as well but not until he tells her he cheated on her. I’m going out on a limb here but I don’t think the best way to preface a proposal is by telling the woman you want to marry that you cheated on her.

Do you think she might yes? Anything is possible on Jerry Springer.


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