Jerry Springer: Constance & Jerry Cheat Together & Sleep Together


Jerry Springer: Adam and Constance Sleep Together and Cheat Together

Adam and Constance both have significant others but they both came to the conclusion that they are too young to have serious relationships. Instead of telling their partners while they were in the comfort of their own home, both Adam and Constance brought them on Jerry Springer for the break ups.

Jerry Springer: Constance & Jerry Cheat Together & Sleep Together

Jerry Springer June 7 2013 talked with Constance and Jerry, two people who cheated together and wants to break up with their significant others.


This isn’t just a normal breakup though. Adam and Constance are going to reveal to their partners, Natasha and Sharanda, that they have actually been sleeping together.

So they don’t want serious relationships but they are sleeping with each other? How does that make sense?

One Night Stands You Wish You Could Forget

Jerry Springer meets one man who had a one night stand he really wishes he could forget. He said he met a woman who he really hit it off with but after they slept together he found out she was born a man. But that isn’t the end of the story for this man. He had a girlfriend when he went through with the one night stand and she found out.


After a few slaps and a some yelling, this man’s girlfriend is still in disbelief that he could sleep with someone who used to be a man and that he would cheat on her in the first place.

Three Months After Marriage Wife Cheats

Jerry Springer meets another unfaithful person. She tells him she cheated on her husband after only three months of being married but she doesn’t see it as being that terrible a thing to do.

“It was only a one night stand,” she yelled to her husband trying to justify what she did.

After some more yelling and the one night stand comig out to comfront the husband, the fists start flying and the secruity team has a brawl to stop.


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