Jerry Springer: Busted By The Butt Dial & Dante’s Twisted Romance


Jerry Springer May 16 2013

Cell phones are one of our greatest modern conveniences, and they have all sorts of amazing uses in our lives. But not everything about them has been helpful. Just think about the autocorrect function for text messages that sometimes goes so horribly wrong. Then there is the butt dial, which can make calls at inopportune times when you don’t mean to. Jerry’s May 16 show is called “Busted By The Butt Dial.”

Jerry Springer: Busted By The Butt Dial

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Jerry Springer’s May 16 2013 show is called “Busted By The Butt Dial” and features a tale of a busted cheater whose phone ratted him out on a date.


It seems that Kassandra and Orlando recently decided to take their relationship to the next level and become “Facebook official.” That can be an exciting time for any young Millennial couple, but things did not stay rosy for too long.

That is because Kassandra got a butt dial voicemail from her boyfriend. He had not meant to call her, but when she listened to the message, she could hear another woman’s voice laughing in the background.

Who is this mystery woman and what was she doing with Orlando that night? Her name is Heather, and Kassandra is sure she was up to no good. They will come face to face, and Kassandra will have some harsh words for Orlando, on Jerry Springer’s May 16 show.


For his part, Orlando says he has an addiction and needs help to get it under control. Has butt dial or autocorrect ever landed you in hot water? Tell me about it in the comments.

Jerry Springer: Dante’s Twisted Romance

Dante seems to have made a miscalculation of his own in matters of romance, and he is rending his garments in shame. At least, I assume that’s the reason he took off his enormous shirt and threw it on Jerry Springer’s dirty floor.

What will happen when the women in Dante’s life come to blows? Tune in on May 16 2013 for Jerry Springer’s next show. As always, there is a Bring Your Own Shirt policy.


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