Jerry Springer: Brent Cheats with Dollar Store Gal & Homewrecker Angie


Jerry Springer June 3 2013: Brent Cheats at the Dollar Store

Think about this. If your significant other cheated on you, which is terrible in itself, would you at least hope the person they met was a tad bit respectable? I realize there is nothing respectable about someone cheating but you probably wouldn’t want to know your husband cheated on you with someone they met at the dollar store, right?

Jerry Springer: Brent Cheats with Dollar Store Gal & Homewrecker Angie

Jerry Springer June 3 2013 met with Brent who was cheating on his wife with someone he met at the dollar store and Angie is a homewrecker.


Well, for Brent’s wife, that is exactly what she is dealing with. Brent dragged her onto Jerry Springer to reveal to her that he has been cheating on her for quite some time with a woman he met at the dollar store.

I have a feeling there are going to be some fists flying during this episode.

Linda Wants to Marry Her Boyfriend But He has a Secret

Linda has been pressuring her boyfriend into marriage for a long time but he never takes her seriously. He seems to want to keep dating but he sure doesn’t want to make a life long commitment to her. What’s a girl to do?


Linda is coming to Jerry Springer for help with her boyfriend problem but what she actually gets is a really big surprise. Knowing Jerry Springer, this either means her boyfriend has been cheating on her or he is actually a woman. Or both.

Angie the Homewrecker

Angie wants her boyfriend all to herself but there seems to be a wife in the way. She pleads with him to divorce his wife but it seems he isn’t ready yet. Instead of talking about the situation like normal people, Angie brings her boyfriend on Jerry Springer to hopefully get some resolve.

Do you think he will leave his wife for his mistress or do you think he will kick Angie to the curb?


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