Jerry Springer: Betting On Lindsay’s Love & Jessica’s Fear Of Fighting


Jerry Springer: Fear Of Fighting & Gambling Relationship

On April 15 2013, Jerry Springer brings Vegas to his stage. Lindsay’s boyfriend didn’t really cheat on her, but he bet on their love in a game of poker. Now, Lindsay wants to show him how much she would bet on their relationship. She gets to pick the winner of her heart in this game. Plus, Jessica’s fear of fighting sends her up on the balcony when the other woman comes out. This results in a good beating of the cheating boyfriend.

Jerry Springer: Betting On Lindsay's Love & Jessica's Fear Of Fighting

On April 15 2013, Lindsay lets two men gamble for her love. Then, Jessica can’t overcome her fear of fighting and lets her boyfriend take the beating.


Jerry Springer: Betting On Lindsay’s Love

Lindsay’s boyfriend is an avid gambler. He even put her on the table in a game with his buddies. This was the last straw for Lindsay. She came to Jerry in a plan for revenge that will end with her happiness.

This is a new idea for Springer. Instead of just choosing the boyfriend Lindsay wants to be with, Jerry pulls out a poker table and pits the men against one another. The jackpot in this game is Lindsay’s heart.

Jerry Springer: Jessica’s Fighting Phobia

Also on this episode, Jessica has a fear of physical fighting. So why is she on Springer? She asks Jerry on April 15 if she can go up on the balcony when the other woman runs out. When the girl comes out, Jessica goes up. The end result is that the cheating boyfriend gets a good slapping from the angry other woman.



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