Jerry Springer: Baby Mama Battlefield & Calai Vs Lauren Fight For Dan


Jerry Springer May 2 2013

Jerry Springer used to be a politician, but eventually he found his way into the more honest territory of tabloid television. He has been immensely successful at it as well, and he is presiding over a Baby Mama Battlefield on the May 2 2013 episode of his show. Two separate love triangles are going to explode on Jerry’s stage, and fans are not going to want to miss a single insult.

Jerry Springer: Calai Vs Lauren

Jerry Springer: Baby Mama Battlefield & Calai Vs Lauren Fight For Dan

Jerry Springer’s May 2 show is a Baby Mama Battlefield, with Calai going head to head against Lauren over the affections of Dan. Later, more women brawl.


Lauren was pregnant with her one night stand Dan’s baby. But she came home one day to discover that he was not being honest about his life. That’s because he was in bed with another woman (who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend)!

Sadly, these women are convinced they need to fight over who should get to keep the cheating man. He has some opinions of his own, but maybe they will make up their minds without his input.

Fists and accusations are flying on the May 2 episode of Jerry Springer. Be sure to tune in if you want to see some real talk from women who have been wronged.


Jerry Springer: Baby Mama Battlefield

Do they even have chairs on Jerry Springer anymore? In a preview for the Baby Mama Battlefield episode, they must have already been moved out of the way to allow the feuding foes to more easily navigate the stage.

More of Jerry’s guests are fighting over who is in the wrong for spending the night in a jacuzzi with the other’s man. I don’t even know how Jerry keeps up with all their crazy stories.

There are slaps and thrown drinks, snapped fingers and claws coming out when two more women go at it over a man. Ladies, you can do better. But then who would be on Jerry’s show?

Watch this Baby Mama Battlefield unfold on the May 2 episode of Jerry Springer.


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