Jerry Springer: Austin’s Hibernation Caused His Girlfriend To Cheat


Jerry Springer: Slapping & Sleeping Boyfriends

On April 4 2013, Jerry Springer deals with a bear waking up from hibernation. Austin sat on his couch all winter and someone came in and swept up his girlfriend. While he looks like he is going to fight for her, he might just get tired and take a bench. Then, Christina gives her best friend and boyfriend a fight they won’t forget anytime soon.

Jerry Springer: Austin's Hibernation Caused His Girlfriend To Cheat

Lesson number one: never poke a sleeping bear. Does cheating count as poking?


Jerry Springer: Austin’s Hibernation

Jerry Springer should know that you never poke a sleeping bear. Austin tells his girlfriend that winter is his “hibernation time.” She is tired of his sitting on the couch all day and never going out for jobs. While he was being lazy, she went to find a better life. Her new boyfriend shows up with a bouquet of spring flowers. That wakes Austin up. He strips off his shirt and gets ready to throw down.

While the usual reaction is to go after the other man, Austin gives us a surprising twist. He picks up a glass of water and drenches his cheating girlfriend. I’m sure that will provoke a reaction from her new man.

Jerry Springer: The Slap Heard Round the World

Also on April 4 2013, Christina can’t believe that her man has been seeing her friend Chantal on the side. She takes the opposite approach of Austin and attacks her friend for not knowing better. Her man says he is sorry, but I don’t buy it. She gives him a satisfying slap for his cheating ways. Good for you, Christina.



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