Jerry Springer: Angry Bride Ashley Fights Her Groom’s Two Mistresses


Jerry Springer: There’s Another Woman & Mud Wrestling

On March 21 2013, Jerry Springer tried to throw a lovely wedding for Nick and Ashley. He didn’t expect Nick’s mistresses to show up. Jealous girlfriends enact their revenge! Then, a couple of girls decide to mud wrestle and dance for the audience. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of drama and fighting on this episode of Jerry Springer.  

Jerry Springer: Angry Bride Ashley Fights Her Groom's Two Mistresses

On March 21 2013, Jerry Springer’s guests are not in wedded bliss. Ashley has to fight her fiancé Nick’s two mistresses.


Jerry Springer: Wedding Fail

Jerry was trying to do something nice. He set up a lovely archway with fake flowers and the bride wore white. Ashley was getting her dream TV wedding. As the bride and groom united under the canopy of love, something went horribly wrong. Nick opened his big mouth and told Ashley there was another woman. What a jerk.

Nick’s mistress came out from backstage after a vicious slap sent him reeling. Oh but wait, I hear another set of footsteps – two mistresses! The ladies told Ashley that they danced and teased her fiancé to please him.

Jerry Springer: Mud Wrestling

Also on this episode, Jerry brings out a new trick. Two hot girls decided to mud wrestle. In the middle of it all a girlfriend gets jealous that her boyfriend is making googly eyes at the girls.


There is a brawl on Jerry’s stage and it sets the whole studio back to a healthy equilibrium. At least, as healthy as Jerry Springer can get.


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