Jerry Springer: Adult Film Star Natasha & Stacy’s Boyfriend Secret Job


Jerry Springer: My Boyfriend’s Secret Profession

On March 8 2013, Jerry Springer brings Stacy’s boyfriend to the show to reveal his secret profession. There really is no nice way to say what he does. Let’s just say he deals with ladies of the night.

Jerry Springer: Adult Film Star Natasha & Stacy's Boyfriend Secret Job

On March 8 2013, Jerry has adult film stars and men who deal with ladies of the night.


He doesn’t really dress for his profession though. He looks like an average Joe in a blue cardigan sweater. By night he probably dons a fur trimmed hat and has the ladies hanging off his arm. That’s probably why Stacy never realized that her boyfriend was organizing this kind of business. He said that it made him the kind of money he wanted and seemed unapologetic about it. They brought one of his escorts in to reveal the shocking truth to Stacy. Working with him on the regular, this woman couldn’t believe Stacy was so blind.

To get back at the escort, Stacy, dressed in a professional and conservative work outfit, made fun of her profession. While no claws have come out yet, it’s only a matter of time before the woman gets physical with Stacy.

Jerry Springer: How To Be an Exotic Dancer

Natasha comes to Jerry Springer to teach the crowd how to be an exotic dancer. She said she’s not your average adult film star. Natasha pulled out her special accessories and dressed up the men that wanted to learn what she does. She made them put on long wigs, lipstick and kiss her feet.


Then Natasha pulled the ladies on stage for a lesson of their own. Want to know Natasha’s secrets? Jerry’s all-new and wilder than ever on March 8 2013.


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