Good Morning America: Dollywood’s Wild Eagle Roller Coaster Review


GMA: New Dollywood Roller Coaster “Wild Eagle”

Dolly Parton’s Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, amusement park Dollywood has a new roller coaster – the Wild Eagle. Good Morning America’s Cameron Mathison braved the coaster and lived to tell the tale.

Good Morning America: Wild Eagle Seats Under Wings, 61 MPH Speed

Good Morning America: Dollywood's Wild Eagle Roller Coaster Review

Dolly Parton’s amusement park Dollywood has a new roller coaster, the Wild Eagle, where you ride next to the track on the eagle’s wings. (s_bukley /


Wild Eagle is the most extreme coaster at Dollywood, and is truly unique. On the coaster, you ride next to the track, on the eagle’s wings, not on top. The seats dangle under the 30-foot span of the wings.

The 21-story ride travels at speeds of up to 61 miles per hour.

“We really wanted to use the tallest point in Dollywood so that you really could soar like an eagle,” Pete Owens, PR manager at Dollywood, said. “And you do a lot of things that  you maybe have never done before, but you don’t have to be a fighter pilot.”


Wild Eagle Roller Coaster Review: Roller Coaster Critic Matt Lambert

Mathison invited roller coaster critic Matt Lambert to take on the Wild Eagle. Dollywood’s newest coaster was Lambert’s 600th coaster. Mathison asked Lambert what he could expect from the ride.

“You’ll go upside down several times, you’ll have air time – it’s what they call it, you’ll come out of your seat a little bit,” Lambert said.

After soaring to the top, Mathison and Lambert plummeted 135 feet down. Mathison said there were twists and turns and flips, and all you could see in front of you were the views of the Smokey Mountains.

Dollywood: Family-Oriented Rides

Mathison said if you aren’t a huge thrill-seeker, Dollywood has many other coasters that are more tame than the Wild Eagle, in addition to many family-oriented rides.

The park first opened as a tourist attraction in 1961 and was called the Rebel Railroad. In 1986 Dolly Parton become a co-owner and the park was renamed “Dollywood.”

Have you ever been to Dollywood? I proudly displayed my glittery Dollywood keychain on my backpack in elementary school!


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