GMA Unclaimed Money: $100K for Mississippi’s Palmer Home


Good Morning America: Show Me The Money

Viewers seem to love Show Me The Money, a recurring series where the GMA team surprises people with the return of found money that belongs to them. Elizabeth Leamy traveled to Mississippi for three surprise gifts, including one to a boys & girls club, the Palmer Home.

GMA Unclaimed Money: Palmer Home for Children

Palmer Home: GMA Unclaimed Money

GMA's Unclaimed Money series traveled to Mississippi and the Palmer Home to surprise the children's charity with a lost six-figure check.


Columbus, Mississippi, is where you’ll find Palmer Home for Children, which takes in children whose parents can’t take care of them at the moment.

Meg Barclay is the assistant director of social services, and talked about Palmer Home as a place to provide a home and stability for kids in need. The facility takes kids of all ages, from infants to teens, and some stay there for years, living together as families in cottages.

GMA: Palmer Home Family Cottages

Elizabeth learned about the roles of house parents, who raise small clusters of Palmer Home kids in cottages, giving them support just like a typical family unit. “We love them as if they were our own,” said one house parent.


The Palmer House has a capacity of 90 kids between its six cottages, and the house parents are also a big family of their own. All the kids’ needs are provided for, and the organization relies on private donations to stay afloat.

GMA Show Me The Money: Palmer Home Gift

Robert and Millie Cox once lived in Vicksburg, Mississippi, and when they died they left a gift for the Palmer Home. But along the way, it got lost and ended up in Mississippi’s unclaimed property. That’s where Good Morning America found it.

Elizabeth gathered the residents and supporters of Palmer Home for a big announcement about how much money has been found and returned to the organization. Lynn Fitch, the state treasurer, arrived with a check for more than $108,000, which of course elicited cheers and tears from touched kids and adults.

Good Morning America: Unclaimed Money

Elizabeth Leamy said that the Coxes also left money to the Vicksburg-Warren County Humane Society and the Mississippi Animal Rescue League, which her GMA team helped to deliver as well.

Could there be unclaimed money out there that is rightfully yours? Use the GMA website to find out about resources in your state for tracing unclaimed money or other property.


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