Good Morning America: Great Food Truck Race Review with Tyler Florence


GMA: Food Truck Cook-Off

The August 21 2012 episode of Good Morning America featured a food fight: a cook off between the food trucks “Schnitzel & Things” and “Milk Truck.” Plus, host Tyler Florence shared his thoughts about season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race

Tyler Florence: The Great Food Truck Race

Host of The Great Food Truck Race Tyler Florence stopped by GMA to talk about the show’s third season.


“The show launched on Sunday, we’re really excited about it, it was the number one trending topic on Twitter and I think we’re going to have a fantastic season,” Florence said.

Great Food Truck Race: Good Morning America

Good Morning America held a cook-off featuring contestants from The Great Food Truck Race. (Frances L Fruit /

Robin Roberts visited The Great Food Truck Race last season in Denver and loved the food, almost as much as she loved the scruffy facial hair Florence was sporting on Tuesday’s show.


“I just got back from vacation and spent a week at the beach, so yeah I lost my razor,” Florence said.

Good Morning America: Food Trucks Trend

Food Trucks are “the next big thing,” and the trend is sweeping the nation. Florence said the show travels from Maine to Long Beach, California this season.

“This is where the real talent is emerging from young chefs,” Florence said.

The rules for season three are a little different. In seasons one and two, Food Trucks were chosen based on prominence. Florence said they really listened to what people were saying about the show online, and made some changes.

“People were very interested in how you start a food truck, where do you start, what are the 101 things,” Florence said. “So this year, we’re going with dreamers. We’re going with people who want to have a food truck but have never done it before. So we’ve got eight teams, a lot of heart and soul, a lot of really great ideas and then we’re going to put them in a situation that they’ve never experienced before and you get to see the trials and tribulations, you get to see the struggles, you also get to see the success of doing it from scratch. That’s what I think will inspire a lot of people to do this themselves.”

Food Truck Cook-Off: Milk Truck Vs Schnitzel & Things

The Good Morning America Food Truck Cook Off heated up quickly, and both teams battled it out to create the best breakfast sandwich. Josh Elliott helped out at Milk Truck, and Lara Spencer worked on schnitzel at Schnitzel & Things.

Schnitzel & Things produced a pork belly schnitzel sandwich with pork belly, egg and cheese. Milk Truck’s sandwich featured smoked ham, Gruyère cheese and apples.

Good Morning America: Milk Truck Wins Cook-Off

Robin Roberts couldn’t pick a favorite. Josh Elliott and Lara Spencer (who were a little biased) chose their respective creations. In the end, Florence named Milk Truck as the winner.

You can catch The Great Food Truck Race Sunday nights at 9 p.m. on the Food Network.


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