GMA: Happy 40th Birthday Egg McMuffin Recipe


GMA: Happy 40th Birthday Egg McMuffin

Good Morning America: Egg McMuffin Recipe

Learn how to make your own Egg McMuffin with Good Morning America.

The Egg McMuffin served at McDonald’s is one of America’s favorite breakfast indulgences. It may feel like its been around forever, but this year, McDonald’s is celebrating forty years of the Egg McMuffin.


However, if you can’t get out to your local McDonald’s, don’t worry; you can re-create the delicious breakfast sandwich in your own home. On Good Morning America September 4, Lara and Josh were joined by McDonald’s executive chef Dan Coudreaut, who shared some secrets to recreating the Egg McMuffin.

Dan Coudreaut: Egg McMuffin Recipe

The Egg McMuffin is pretty simple, but it all starts with a perfectly-round egg. To achieve this shape, you’ll need an egg ring.

  1. First, crack the egg into a bowl.
  2. Then, place the egg ring into an oiled pan (so it doesn’t stick), and pour the egg in.
  3. Crack the yolk slightly so that the egg cooks faster.
  4. After that, pour a bit of water into the pan so that it steams.
  5. The result is a half-poached, half-fried egg that is unique to the Egg McMuffin.

The rest of the sandwich consists of a buttered, toasted English Muffin, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a slice of cheese. At home you can substitute ham for the bacon if you like, and you can also achieve its perfectly round shape with a cookie cutter.


When the ham and egg are done cooking and the muffin is hot, place a slice of cheese, then the egg, and then the bacon on top of the muffin. Top with the last piece of muffin, and you’ve got your delicious Egg McMuffin right at home.

GMA: Egg McMuffin Contest Results

Lara and Josh then participated in a 45-second Egg McMuffin assembling challenge. Lara put together two perfect muffins, while Josh topped her with three.


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