Robin Robert’s Prayer of Protection Bracelets on Good Morning America

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Check out our latest story on Robin Robert’s Prayer of Protection bracelets / wristbands at the following link: Robin Roberts Prayer Bracelet.

Good Morning America: August 20 2012

Good Morning America on Monday, August 20, 2012 featured the big reveal of the 2012 anthem of summer, the “momshell” craze, and interviews with Amare Stoudemire and Shia LaBeouf.

Robin Robert's Prayer of Protection Bracelets on Good Morning America

Robin Robert's Prayer of Protection Bracelets on Good Morning America are a great end of summer gift!

“Call Me Maybe” 2012 Summer Anthem

“Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepson was named the 2012 Anthem of Summer. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are sparking rumors about their upcoming nuptials. Beyonce is using her musical talents to inspire humanitarian efforts. A dog was caught on camera praying.  Click on the following link to read more fun gossip from Good Morning America on August 20, 2012: Good Morning America: “Call Me Maybe” is the Summer 2012 Anthem

Good Morning America: Momshell Controversy

Momshells,” or celebrity moms who quickly drop their baby weight, are sparking controversy. After giving birth to her third child, former Editor-in-Chief of Us Weekly Janice Min wants new moms to know that they should ignore the hype and lose the weight at their own pace.

Jarvez Hall Lost 300 Pounds

Jarvez Hall weighed 548 pounds before he reached out to “Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition” trainer Chris Powell. With hard work and dedication, Jarvez Hall lost 300 pounds over the course of a year. He and his wife Adriana stopped by Good Morning America to share his success story.

Does MiraDry Stop Sweating?

Briana Bernyk used to sweat so badly that she had to miss her senior prom. She could only wear black and often had to throw away clothes after wearing them only one time. Now, with the help of a new machine called Mira Dry, she’s sweating less and feeling like a normal girl.  Click on the following link to read more about how MiraDry helped Briana: MiraDry Review, Does It Stop Heavy Sweating?

Amare Stoudemire’s Children’s Book Series

 New York Knicks’ star Amare Stoudemire Good Morning America: August 20, 2012 Recap Good Morning America: August 20, 2012 Recap just released the first book in his new children’s series STAT Standing Tall and Talented. The book, titled Home Court, is partly based on his childhood story. Stoudemire is also newly engaged to his fiancee, Alexis.  Click on the following link to learn more about his children’s books: Amare Stoudemire’s Kid’s Book STAT Standing Tall & Talented Home Court

Shia LaBeouf Stars in Lawless

You can catch Shia LaBeouf in his new film Lawless, based on prohibition-era Virginia. LaBeouf talked to Lara Spencer about the challenges of doing a film like Lawless. He will also star in the Robert Redford directed film, The Company You Keep.  Want to learn more about the movie, then click on the following link: Shia LaBeouf’s Movie “Lawless” Opens August 29 2012: GMA Movie Review

Robin Robert’s Prayer of Protection Bracelets

Robin Roberts is back on Good Morning America after an Italian vacation. Roberts visited Tuscany, Rome and Venice to celebrate her friend’s 50th birthday. Roberts had special access at the Vatican, and said she wouldn’t mind doing Good Morning Venice. Roberts, who suffers from Myelodysplastic syndrome, will anchor Good Morning America for two more weeks before taking a medical leave for a bone marrow transplant. Roberts gifted her cast and crew with colorful bracelets with the Prayer of Protection on them, which was taught to Robin by her mother.
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  • Beverly Hahn

    how may I purchase the Prayer of Protection bracelet shown on GMA on Aug 20th

  • Beverly Hahn

    how may I purchase the Robin Robert’s Prayer of Protection bracelet shown on Good Morning American on Aug 20th

  • Jessica

    How can i purchase Robin Robert’s Prayer of Protection bracelet shown on Good Morning America Aug 20?

  • Chris Lineberry

    Loved the idea of the bracelet from Robin. It would be a great inspiration to many I know going thru similar circumstances. Are these bracelets for sale and how would I be able to purchase some?

  • lucia hernandez

    the braclet is so inspiration that i would like to give to my sisters, who have been through so much.i would like to buy some let me knowon how to get them

  • Thanks for your comments, everyone. We are trying to find more info on the bracelets and will share it when we know more.

  • Madge Musolf

    Please put me on the list for Robins prayer bracelets. Thank you.

  • Judith Bach

    How can I purchase Robin’sPrayer of Protection bracelet. Thank you. Glad to see Robin back and you are in my prayers for your next hurdle. Bless you.

  • Connie Lindner

    Would love to know how to purchase the Prayer of Protection bracelet. I lost a very special aunt to breast cancer a few years ago and Robin’s courage reminds me so much of her. She worked in Washington DC and worked until about 2 weeks before we lost her. She faced her problems head on and never gave up. I just wish I had the courage that Robin has and my aunt had.

  • Maureen Monte

    Would like to know how to get one of Robin’s bracelets Prayer of Protection.

  • Jolene

    How do you obtain Robin Robert’s prayer bracket?

  • mychelle

    I would like one too!!

  • Kelli O'Connor

    Please let me know how and when I can purchase Robin’s prayer of protection bracelet. Robin is truly an inspiration. We are going through a difficult medical problem with my husband and I would love the bracelet to remind me every day of how strong Robin is and how strong we can be. Thank you.

  • suzette clayton

    I would love to have a bracelet, to remind me to be strong and believe I am cured from small cell lung cancer this year.
    I also, wish to keep Robin in my daily prayers!

  • Stephanie Mangano

    Would love a bracelet for myself, my sister and a few friends. My sister just lost a friend today to cancer, she was in her 40’s and still had four kids at home. Robin has been such an inspiration. God Bless!!!

  • Carol Jevec

    How can I obtain Prayer of Protection bracelets?
    Robin, you are an inspiration.

  • Adele Alonso

    Would love to know where I can purchase the bracelet Robin gave out

  • Barb Cavanagh

    Protection braclet? Would love to get one!

  • Glenda Behm

    Would like to purchase Robin Roberts’ Prayer Bracelet and have not been successful in locating a site from which to purchase it. Can you help?

  • Thanks for your comments, everyone. We still haven’t been able to locate a retailer selling these bracelets. But if we find more information, we will share an update with you all.

  • Debby Schoenborn

    I would like to order a couple bracelets

  • Patti Roehrle

    I say this Prayer daily…I would love to order one or a few of these bracelets. How??! & when??!!

  • Brenda mains

    I would LOVE several of Robin Roberts bracelets! GO TEAM ROBIN!
    Please contact me where I can get these! Prayers going to Robin. KEEP THE FAITH!

  • Marie Patestas

    I too would like to purchase one of these bracelets. My grandmother use to say this prayer for me. My prayers are with you Robin!

  • Lindsey Carper

    I would love to buy some of Robins bracelets!!! Please let us know where we can get some!!!

  • Charlene Grattan

    How do I purchase a Robin Roberts Prayer Bracelet?

  • Cheryl Chancellor

    Will you be letting us know how and where we can get the bracelet and how soon do you think they will be available?

  • Elissia Pratt

    I want to get the braclet that Robin and all of GMA are wearing. Also to let Robin know, she is loved and prayers are daily going up for her.

  • How much is the prayer of protection on GMA?

  • Brenda Hipp

    I would love to get some of robins bracket that the GMA team are wearing please email me and let me know. Thank you

  • Judith Golden

    How can I get one of the Prayer of Protection bracelets that Robin Robin has

  • Ruth D. Taylor

    Can anyone please e-mail me back and let me know how and where I can purchase the wristband that Robin Roberts wears and gave to her co-workers everything I google it it never tells me where thank you!!

  • nichole brewer

    I have tried two different sites to buy the bracelet and neither one seem to work. could you please let me know where you can purchase one thanks

  • Pat Cantrell

    Would like to know how to purchase Robin’s “Prayer of Protection Bracelet” for friends and love ones.Thank you!

  • Patricia Douglas


  • Blanca brandon

    I too would like to purchase a protection prayer bracelet like robin Roberts,but I do not know where to get it.

    • Peggy Moore

      The bracelets can be purchased on the BE THE MATCH website. Go to the merchandise section because the link on home page doesn’t work. Just ordered mine. You will have to register as a guest if you aren’t already registered as a donor

  • Peggy Moore

    The bracelets can be purchased on the BE THE MATCH website. Go to the merchandise section because the link on home page doesn’t work. Just ordered mine. You will have to register as a guest if you aren’t already registered as a donor.

  • Finally there is an update on how to get these great gift bracelets. Here’s the latest from GMA on Robin Roberts’ last day and how to get yours:

  • please tell where to find the Prayer for protedtion

  • Gloria Swabowski

    I would like information on how to get the Prayer for Protection bracelet. Please keep me on the list as the info becomes available. thanks


    I want to be put on the list for the Prayer for Protection braclet. Good luck Robin. We love you and our prayers are with you.

  • Paula Uli

    I would like to get a Prayer for Protection braclet. How do I get one? We love you Robin..our prayers are with you!

  • Ernestine Youngs

    please tell me where I can purchase a bracelet like the one Robin Roberts gave out on GMA. Thank you

  • Tracy Nelson

    How may I purchase the braclett?

  • Sheila

    Please notify me when they are available to buy. I am a cancer survivor and this would be simply wonderful for me to know.


  • Sharon

    need password to register

  • For those still having trouble ordering the bracelet, there may be an easier way. Try visiting and click on Robin’s bracelet to get to the order page. Good luck and thanks for supporting Team Robin!



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