Jennifer Hudson QVC & Little Big Town: GMA September 10 2012 Recap


Good Morning America September 10 2012

Good Morning America September 10 2012 had the latest pulse of pop culture, with previews of Jennifer Hudson’s new clothing line and Katie Couric’s talk show debut. Here’s a roundup of the morning’s highlights and segments from GMA September 10 2012.

GMA Pop News: Blake Lively Ryan Reynolds Secret Wedding

Jennifer Hudson QVC: GMA September 10 2012 Recap

The Jennifer Hudson QVC Collection was featured on GMA September 10 2012. (Anton Oparin /


Lara Spencer shared a roundup of the weekend’s pop culture headlines, including the surprise wedding of Ryan Reynolds and Gossip Girl star Blake Lively. Plus, find out what Britney Spears is up to now.

Bachelorette Trista & Ryan Plastic Surgery & Kristen Stewart Update

Back in 2003, The Bachelorette had its first–and so far only–wedding success story with Trista and Ryan Sutter. The couple shared an update on their family and the complications with Trista’s recent plastic surgery. Plus, what is Kristen Stewart saying now about her high-profile breakup with Robert Pattinson?

Katie Premiere Preview: Katie Couric Talk Show

From the set of her new show Katie, talk show host Katie Couric gave a tour of her new set and previewed her upcoming guest list. Find out what she said makes this different from any job she has had before, and who you can see in the coming weeks on her new show.


Good Morning America: QVC Jennifer Hudson Collection Review

Singer, actress and mother Jennifer Hudson is adding another job to her busy schedule. She is behind the new fall QVC Jennifer Hudson Collection, and she gave Lara Spencer a sneak peek on Good Morning America. Find out how much her fashions go for and see for yourself if you think they are as affordable and stylish as she hoped.

GMA: Kinkajou, Ostrich & Siberian Tiger with Jack Hanna

Animal expert Jack Hanna brought some of his favorite animals on the show. It was an early morning for the nocturnal Kinkajou, and he explained why the Siberian Tiger is in danger of going extinct. Can anything be done about this?

Good Morning America: Little Big Town “Pontoon” & “Front Porch Thing”

CMA nominees Little Big Town are finally achieving overnight success…after 13 years in the business. They talked about their #1 hit “Pontoon” and recent CMA nominations before performing two songs for the GMA audience.

GMA September 10 2012: Robin Roberts Update

Robin Roberts starts her medical treatment today, and the GMA staff took her out for a celebration last night. You know the team will keep you updated on her progress in the weeks to come.

Guest hosts are filling in while Robin is on medical leave. Jessica Simpson makes her guest host debut on Good Morning America September 11 2012, with guests Tim Gunn and Richard Gere.


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