Good Morning America: Scandal Finale and Barbara Walters Retirement


Good Morning America: Celebrities Give Back

Good Morning America: Scandal Finale and Barbara Walters Retirement

Barbara Walters announced her retirement, set for summer 2014. (s_bukley /

Spanx founder Sarah Blakely signed Bill Gates’ giving pledge along with other billionaires, pledging to donate half of her fortune to charity. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio also gave back by hosting an art auction at Christie’s Auction House, raising $39 million for his environmental foundation. Leo is now taking time off of acting to work with his foundation to help save the environment and endangered animals.


GMA: Sarah Blakely Spanx Donation & Leonardo DiCaprio Art Auction

Good Morning America: Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

Angelina Jolie told The New York Times of the secret double mastectomy she underwent in order to prevent breast cancer. Her mother died of ovarian cancer at age 56 and Angelina’s chance of having breast cancer was 87 percent. The double mastectomy began in February and just recently finished in April, with Angelina’s chance of having breast cancer down to 5 percent. She and partner Brad Pitt knew it was the right decision to make for their family and Brad stayed by her side throughout the procedure.

Good Morning America: Angelina Jolie’s Secret Double Mastectomy


Good Morning America: Dancing With The Stars Injuries

Karina Smirnoff was almost unable to perform in the Dancing With the Stars semifinals due to neck and jaw injuries sustained during rehearsal with partner Jacoby Jones. She was sent to the hospital and the doctors said her neck would straighten out after the swelling went down. Mark Ballas was also injured during the semifinals, nursing lower back pain, and Val Chmerkovskiy was having trouble just keeping up with his partner, Disney Channel star Zendaya. All are favorites for the final round, along with the Derek Hough and Kellie Pickler pairing.

GMA: Karina Smirnoff Dancing With The Stars Injuries & Semifinalists

Good Morning America: Barbara Walters’ Retirement

After fifty years on television, Barbara Walters announced Monday on The View that she will be retiring next summer. With her one year left, she plans on hosting specials on ABC and hopes to sit down with people she has yet to interview, mentioning Queen Elizabeth and the Pope as two standouts. Looking back on her long career, Barbara calls out her interviews with former president of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, and a young Angelina Jolie as her most striking interviews.

GMA: Barbara Walters Retirement In 2014 & Final Year Interviews

Good Morning America: Scandal Finale

The cast of ABC’s hit Scandal took over Times Square and discussed the season finale with GMA. The cast themselves were shocked when they watched Thursday’s finale episode and said that fans will be left with more questions than answers. A scene between President Fitz and Olivia Pope was shown that will leave fans guessing. Tune in to ABC on Thursday at 10 for the season finale of Scandal.

Good Morning America: Cast of Scandal Takes Over Times Square

Good Morning America: Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Tie The Knot

Modern Family‘s Jesse Tyler Ferguson sat down with GMA to discuss the hit comedy, his summer gig in The Comedy of Errs at Shakespeare in the Park, and his new foundation. The foundation, Tie the Knot, sells specially designed bow ties to raise money for marriage equality and the summer line is available online now.

Good Morning America: Jesse Tyler Ferguson’s Tie The Knot Foundation

Good Morning America: Bill O’Reilly’s New Book & Proudest Career Moments

Bill O’Reilly, bestselling author and host of Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor, discussed his new book, Keep It Pithy, an observational piece. He said that the book discusses problems arising from the changes in our world and offers suggestions on how to solve these everyday problems. Bill also discusses his proudest moments in his career, citing his work with Jessica’s Law and his current project, attempting to provide track chairs for some 1,700 paralyzed or amputee veterans.

GMA: Bill O’Reilly Keep It Pithy Review, Jessica’s Law & Veterans


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