Good Morning America November 7 2012: President Barack Obama Reelected


Good Morning America November 7 2012

Good Morning America November 7 2012 talked about President Barack Obama’s reelection, his celebrity campaign supporters and how it will affect his daughters.

GMA: Marijuana Legalized in Colorado and Washington State

Good Morning America reported that after the election, marijuana is legalized in Colorado and Washington State, even though federally, it’s still illegal. The state of Arizona also decided that the federal government is the owner of the Grand Canyon.


Good Morning America November 7 2012: President Barack Obama Reelected

Good Morning America November 7 2012 discussed the reelection of President Barack Obama and new books from Kirstie Alley and chef Carla Hall.

Good Morning America: Life for Sasha and Malia Obama

Good Morning America discussed what it will be like for Sasha and Malia Obama to have four more years of living in the White House.

GMA: Eva Longoria’s Campaign for Barack Obama’s Reelection

The Eva Longoria campaign for Barack Obama is over as of last night, and she called in to Good Morning America to talk about his reelection and her campaigning efforts.


Good Morning America: Kirstie Alley’s The Art of Men 

Kirstie Alley sat down with Barbara Walters to talk about her new book, The Art of Men, and secret romances that she has had over the years.

GMA: Carla Hall’s Rustic Mushroom Tart and Root Vegetable Ragout

The Chew star Carla Hall showed off her first cookbook, Cooking with Love, and demonstrated how to make her rustic mushroom tart and root vegetable ragout.

GMA Correspondents’ Campaign Experiences

Devin Dwyer, Good Morning America’s Obama campaign reporter, said that his favorite part of the election was seeing all the fundraising that President Obama did for his campaign. He said in the past year, he covered more fundraisers than political rallies. Dwyer said that he has traveled more than 75,000 miles in the air during the campaign.

He said the campaign took him to Tyler Perry’s mansion in Atlanta and Sarah Jessica Parker’s home in Manhattan. Dwyer said that Obama really milked the Hollywood connection this campaign. He said that Obama said that if Oprah says she likes you, everyone else will too.

Emily Friedman was on the road with Governor Mitt Romney for 13 months, and said that most people don’t know that he actually has a great sense of humor. She said that even last night, he was in good spirits. Friedman said that she stayed in more than 200 hotels and was usually in a different one every night. In 13 months, she only spent eight or nine nights in her own bed.


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