GMA: 4-Minute Norwegian Workout & Pioneer Woman Chicken Pasta Recipe


GMA: June 20 2013

On Good Morning America June 20 2013, James Gandolfini died at age 51, they tested a four-minute workout, John Travolta discussed his new movie with Robert De Niro, Killing Season, Billy Crystal Told us all about his new movie, Monseters University, and Ree Drummond showed us some recipes.

Good Morning America: James Gandolfini Remembered

GMA: James Gandolfini Remembered & Four-Minute Norwegian Workout

James Gandolfini passed June 19 in Italy. (s_bukley /


On today’s hottest headlines, James Gandolfini died in Rome at 51, Patrick Dempsey is participating in 24 Hours of Le Mans, Miley Cyrus will be performing her new song “We Can’t Stop” next Wednesday, Oreo comes out with a new flavor, and Jean Twenge claimed that women don’t lose fertility after age 35.

GMA: James Gandolfini Dies At 51 & Patrick Dempsey 24 Hours Of Le Mans

GMA: Can You Get In Shape In Four Minutes? 4-Minute Norwegian Workout

A Norwegian study found that you can get the same caridovascular benefit from doing 4 minutes of cardio a day as you can getting 16 minutes of cardio a day. However, it isn’t the best weight-loss tecnhique.


GMA: Can You Get In Shape In 4 Minutes? Norwegian Four-Minute Workout

Good Morning America: John Travolta Killing Season Accent

John Travolta is finally seeing his dream come true with the upcoming movie Killing Season, which he will be co-starring in with inspiration Robert De Niro. John also took time to commemorate the loss of long-time friend James Gandolfini.

GMA: John Travolta Killing Season Accent & Acting With Robert De Niro

GMA: Billy Crystal Monsters University Review

Billy Crystal previewed Monsters University, told us why Mike Wazowski is his favorite character he has ever played, and how acting in the same studio as John Goodman improved their performances dramatically.  ABC’s Whodunnit? was also previewed by character Giles The Butler.

GMA: Billy Crystal Monsters University Preview & Whodunnit? TV Mystery

Good Morning America: Pioneer Woman Chicken Florentine Pasta Recipe

Ree Drummond, better known as The Pioneer Woman from her Food Network Pioneer Woman show, showed us her chicken florentine pasta recipe nad olive cheese bread recipe.

GMA: Ree Drummond Chicken Florentine Pasta Recipe & Olive Cheese Bread


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