Free Money & 1/2 Off Fall Vacations: GMA September 3 2012 Recap


Good Morning America September 3 2012 Recap

The Labor Day edition of Good Morning America September 3 2012 featured a heartwarming edition of Unclaimed Money for some deserving kids. The team also reviewed a new season of Long Island Medium and the latest Mitch Albom book, The Time Keeper. Plus, get back to school recipes from Gail Simmons. Here’s a look back at Good Morning America September 3 2012.

GMA: Katy Perry & John Mayer Dating & Kate Middleton Unrecognized

GMA September 3 2012: Free Money & 1/2 Off Fall Vacations

GMA September 3 2012 included another unclaimed money story; 1/2 off deals for fall vacations; lunchbox back to school recipes; Mitch Albom.


The morning’s pop news included an update on the rumored romance between pop stars Katy Perry and John Mayer. Plus, a Wales clerk didn’t recognize Kate Middleton and Kirstie Alley is back to work on Dancing With The Stars.

GMA Unclaimed Money: $100K for Mississippi’s Palmer Home

Could you be sitting on an unclaimed fortune? GMA’s Show Me The Money series highlights undiscovered fortunes and attempts to reunite them with their rightful owners. They went inside a unique Mississippi charity that connects children with caring foster families, and they brought a six-figure surprise along with them.

Good Morning America: Long Island Medium Season 3

Theresa Caputo is back this fall for a third season of her TLC reality series, Long Island Medium. She chatted with a crew from GMA and couldn’t help connecting with their personal encounters with spirits from the other side. It’s obvious that the Long Island Medium is making believers out of many strangers she meets.


GMA Fall Travel Deals: Turks & Caicos, Santa Fe & Portland for 50% Off

It’s not too late to plan the perfect fall getaway, and GMA showcased some great destinations that are up to 50% off. Find out how you can book a beach vacation or art lover’s getaway for a fraction of the sticker price, and maybe get a few freebies thrown in.

Nat Geo Wild: ‘An Animal #$*% My Vacation’

What would you do if a baboon let itself into your car? Or if a dolphin started mounting you? That’s the question behind real life encounters caught on tape in a new special airing on Nat Geo Wild. Learn when you can tune in for these true stories.

Mitch Albom: The Time Keeper Review & Haiti Orphanage

Author Mitch Albom is back with another thought-provoking book. This one is called The Time Keeper, and he explained how he came up with the idea for a story that explores why humans are so obsessed with time. Plus, find out what the author has been up to in Haiti.

Food & Wine’s Gail Simmons: Yummy Lunchbox Recipes

From Food & Wine magazine, Gail Simmons visited with some ideas to spruce up every kid’s lunchbox this fall. Check out her delicious and creative ideas to break out of the peanut butter and jelly mold with snacks and lunches kids will get excited for.

Backstreet Boys Encore & Robin Roberts Update

The Backstreet Boys appeared Friday August 31 2012 on Good Morning America. As a Labor Day treat, the show saved a special unaired performance to share with audiences. The band’s live rendition of “Backstreet’s Back” concluded Monday’s Labor Day episode.


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