Good Morning America: Nat Geo Wild ‘An Animal #$*% My Vacation’ Review


Good Morning America: Animal Antics

When you’re thinking about traveling or maybe taking a fall vacation, sometimes it’s easiest to leave the pets at home. But what happens when wild animals disrupt your travel tranquility? That’s the question behind a new Nat Geo Wild special.

GMA: Vacation Vandals Gone Wild

GMA: An Animal #$*% My Vacation Review

Animal antics and wild happenings are featured in the Nat Geo Wild special "An Animal #$*% My Vacation," airing Monday, September 3 2012.


Flight delays and flat tires are predictable travel troubles. But you can’t plan for crossing paths with wild animals. Though we love animals in nature, sometimes wild encounters don’t follow your itinerary.

These days, everyone has access to a video camera or cell phone, which means we’re more likely than ever to capture our wild encounters on video. Though we’ve come a long way from America’s Funniest Videos, people are still making the most of their unscripted moments.

Good Morning America: Cuba Dolphin Rape

Barbie and Brandon took a romantic trip to Cuba. While there, they visited a dolphin habitat. As part of the tourist experience, the dolphins are trained to kiss visitors on the cheek. But that day, Barbie’s dolphin was feeling extra cheeky, and began humping her. It appears that the rumors of dolphin rape are true. I wonder whether they had to buy the video at the end of their day, or if they got to take it home for free.


GMA: Cape Town Baboons Attack Car

Travelers through Cape Town in South Africa came upon a family of wild baboons on the side of the road. But the baboons weren’t shy about getting to know the human visitors. A large baboon opened the back door of a couple’s car and jumped in.

It’s hard to tell whether the baboon or the woman was screaming louder. The couple sought refuge in another car and a local guard was able to chase the tormentors away.

Good Morning America: Sea Lion Fishing

A California fishing trip went south when a sea lion went after a man’s fresh catch, nearly tipping his kayak in the process. The man rightfully observed that no one would believe him if he hadn’t gotten it on video.

GMA: An Animal #$*% My Vacation Review

There’s more where those crazy clips and stunning stories came from. These videos and more are part of the Nat Geo Wild special An Animal #$*% My Vacation, which airs Monday, September 3 2012. Will you be watching, or are you afraid of the animals taking over?


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