Good Morning America: MiraDry Review, Does It Stop Heavy Sweating?


MiraDry Review

Sweating is a normal body function for humans, especially in the hot summer months. Good Morning America found out 20-year-old Briana Bernyk’s perspiration problem was so bad that it affected her social life, and she missed her senior prom.  Could MiraDry help her to stop sweating so that she could start enjoying her life?

Good Morning America: MiraDry Review, Does It Stop Heavy Sweating?

Good Morning America reviewed MiraDry. Does it stop heavy sweating?


“I didn’t want to go through the whole hassle of having to pick out a dress, so I blew it off,” Bernyk said.

Bernyk’s clothes are often wet all the way to her stomach, and she sometimes has to throw clothes away after wearing them just one time. She wears layers and the color black to conceal the sweat.

“From sweatshirts to fancy shirts, everything I have is black,” Bernyk said.


Botox vs MiraDry for Sweating

Bernyk tried everything from topical solutions to Botox, with no relief. Now, she’s trying something new, and if it works, her plan is to go shopping.

The latest fix for excessive underarm sweating is called “MiraDry.”

“Ninety percent of patients and probably a little bit more, they completely eliminate their sweating permanently,” Dr. Michael Kaminer said. “It’s not that they don’t sweat, at all, it’s that they sweat like what you would consider to be a ‘normal person.’”

MiraDry uses microwave energy to heat sweat glands, melt them and stop excessive sweating, which is also called “hyperhidrosis.”

Dr. Kaminer numbed and marked Bernyk’s underarm area as a sweat gland guide and then got to work.

“I don’t know what to expect I’ve tried so much and I’m just so anxious to have it work,” Bernyk said.

Mira Dry Results

GMA caught up with Bernyk four months and two treatments later.

“Before I was nervous about going out, uncomfortable, always having to cover up but now it’s just exciting to go out, I can wear what I want,” Bernyk said.

Bernyk still sweats, but nowhere near as much as she used to.

“I can hold my hands on my hips, I can fix my hair in public, it’s a good feeling,” Bernyk said.

Good Morning America Dress Barn Celebration

ABC News’ Lindsay Davis took Bernyk shopping for new clothes at Dress Barn, her favorite store.

More testing is needed to see if miraDry is actually effective in the long run. It’s also expensive – two treatments can go for $2,500 to $3,500 and it is not covered by insurance.


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