Good Morning America: Decor 2 Ur Door Review: Personalized Dorm Rooms


Trend: Personalized Dorm Room Decorating

Good Morning America’s George Stephanopoulos informed viewers of a new college trend: over the top dorm room decorating.

ABC’s Bianna Golodryga visited two suitemates from Saint Louis University to check out their dorm room transformation.


Decor 2 Ur Door Helps Spruce Up Dorm Rooms

Decor 2 Ur Door Review: Good Morning America

GMA's Decor 2 Ur Door review explained how the business helps students and parents give dorm rooms a customized, homey feel.

Mackenzie Edwald is the eldest of four daughters and the first to leave home for college. She was nervous about leaving the familiarity of her home for a drab dorm room, so she and her mother looked into options.

“I wanted something different,” she said.


They discovered the website Decor 2 Ur Door, which offers custom dorm room accessories. The company provides things like shag rugs, wall art and even chandeliers.

“I am absolutely surprised that over the past six years that I’ve had this business it just keeps stepping up and up and this has been a tremendous year for us,” Decor 2 Ur Door’s Robin McDonald said.

Edwald Family Spent $2,500 on Daughter Mackenzie’s Room

The Edwald family spent $2,500 on Mackenzie’s room.

“We started out just making her room something comfortable for her,” mother Kim Edwald said. “She said that making friends she knew was not going to be that hard but just feeling like at home in her room was going to be her difficult part.”

Golodryga was a big fan of the girls’ pink and green chandelier.

Mackenzie, Megan and Morgan Have Matching Dorm Decor

Mackenzie’s roommates Morgan and Megan also paid top dollar for matching decor.

“The more comfortable the environment the more comfortable you’re going to be,” Mackenzie said.

After several hours of hard work, the girls revealed their pink and green paradise. The girls told Golodryga that they planned to leave their door open to welcome in new friends.

Lilly Pulitzer Storage Box is Perfect for Dorm Life

One item featured in the dorm room was the large Lilly Pulitzer storage box in the print “Chum Bucket.” I have this exact same one and I wish I would have had it for college! It’s perfect for storing clothes, food and accessories while still looking cute. Decor 2 Ur Door has so many adorable things that would give a dorm room a personalized touch.

How did you decorate your dorm room? Have you visited Decor 2 Ur Door before?


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