Good Morning America: 3 Fins Mermaid Tails Review: Kids Swimwear Trend


Good Morning America: Mermaid Tails

A mother has produced a line of swimwear fit for the Disney princess Ariel. Monika Naumann’s daughters have a bad case of “mermaid mania” and she drew her inspiration from them for the 3 Fins Mermaid Tails.

3 Fins: Girls Made Their Own Tails with Nylons

The Vancouver mom wanted to let her daughters “swim their dreams” and is now selling mermaid tails. The girls previously tried to make their own tails, even shoving both of their legs into hose to get their mermaid fix.


3 Fins Mermaid Tails Review: GMA

Good Morning America shared a 3 Fins Mermaid Tails review of an enterprising Vancouver mom's product.

“My mom went out one day and we put on nylons and flippers and we had two on – it was really complicated,” daughter Megan Naumann said.

Their mother took this mermaid tale into her own hands. “I thought, you know, we can come up with something,” Monika Naumann said.


3 Fins Tails: Made From Flippers & Hard Plastic

The recipe for the mermaid tail is simple: a pair of flippers screwed onto hard plastic designed to look “mermaidy” finished off with a sparkling cover made of swimsuit fabric.

“It’s like imagination and magic,” Megan said.

The girls said they won’t outgrow it, and surprisingly this trend isn’t just for little mermaids. Some grownups even make a career out of it.

“I always take my tail and it just fits in the overhead bin on the airplane,” Lori Pappajohn said.

Claire Shipman & Daughter Della: 3 Fins Mermaid Tails Review

ABC News’ Claire Shipman brought her daughter Della to try it out.

“It was awesome,” Della said.

Business is booming for the Naumann’s, especially after the girls starting bringing their tails on vacations.

“I just sent one to Japan and one is going to Australia,” Naumann said.

After all the roaring reviews, Shipman wanted to see what all the fuss was about. She said the tail makes you feel graceful, even mystical.

“You can just pretend to be whatever you want,” Megan Naumann said.

The tails cost about $300 and it’s recommended that you learn to use them in the shallow end of the pool.


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