GMA: T-Fal Actifry Deep Fryer Review & $1000 Doggie Couture Dresses


GMA: Oprah’s Favorite Actifry Deep Fryer Review

Lara Spencer and Josh Elliott investigated Oprah’s favorite deep fryer, the T-fal Actifry. With only one tablespoon of oil, you can use the Actifry to make French fries that are 100 calories lighter than normal French fries and have about 13 less grams of fat. You can use any oil or potatoes you like and the cooker uses hot air to fry the potatoes into French fries. Oprah has said in the past that this fryer has changed her life and Lara and Josh really seemed to enjoy the fries from the fryer.

GMA: Taye Diggs World Hunger

GMA: T-Fal Actifry Deep Fryer Review & $1000 Doggie Couture Dresses

The doggie couture advertised on GMA March 4 2013 was a little more sophisticated than this. Still, this little guy is pretty adorable.


Taye Diggs stopped by Good Morning America March 4 2013 for such a short amount of time that if you left the room while watching to refill your coffee cup, you probably missed him. You probably know him best from Private Practice or How Stella Got Her Groove Back, but personally, I loved him as a homicide detective accused of murdering his girlfriend, stuck repeating the same day Groundhog’s Day-style in the short-lived television series Day Break.

Taye Diggs came by to talk about how one in five kids in the United States goes without breakfast. Diggs has partnered with Kelloggs and the Got Milk campaign to get more than a million breakfasts out to these kids who don’t have a proper start to their day.

GMA: Doggie Evening Gowns and Couture?

There’s a new trend blowing up the fashion runways. It’s doggie couture. We are talking about doggie evening gowns, doggie shoes and fashion shows for dogs. Anthony Rubio is considered the Dior of doggie fashion design, and he said that people are doing doggie birthday parties, Bark Mitzvahs and doggie weddings. And all of the dogs attending those big doggie moments need a designer. After all, wouldn’t you just die if you showed up to one and your Poodle was wearing the same dress as your best friend’s Cocker Spaniel?


I’ll admit it: I think this story is ridiculous. I’m pretty amazed that Lara Spencer and Sam Champion weren’t laughing while covering it like the anchor in Virginia who was laughing during her news coverage of Holly the Cat. You know, the cat who is losing weight by swimming with a life jacket on, rather than by traditional means, like chasing a mouse or doing whatever cats have done for thousands of years to stay lean. But maybe Holly the Cat was just trying to fit into her evening gown for the biggest Bark Mitvah of the year.

A dog named Amazing Grace stopped by to model a Princess Bride couture dress. It even had a diamond studded veil. Oh, man. Then there was Daphne, with what was described as a “Josephine Baker” look, a look modeled after the Roaring Twenties. How would the American-born French dancer and actress feel about a dog’s couture look modeled after her, complete with a feathered tail, a crystal-studded vest and a headband? This went for $1000.

Lara Spencer was the only one who seemed worried about the pups, saying, “She doesn’t look comfortable to me.” Sam Champion did finish the story by adding, “I’m just saying that a large dog will probably never put up with this.” No kidding. But who am I to judge? I’ve always been more of a cat person. What do you think? Is doggie couture fashion something you would do with your pet?


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