GMA: Skweez Couture & Red Carpet Manicure Reviews | What Would You Do?


GMA Exclusive Deals: Emmy Party Products

Good Morning America shows you some awesome new deals in this week’s GMA Deals and Steals. All the products on this episode are to make you look more glamorous in time for the Emmys. And almost all the products are over 65 percent off.

Good Morning America: Tria Beauty Review

Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser Kit is the first and only laser kid approved by the FDA for use at home. Good Morning America said everyone is using the Tria Laser, even Kim Kardashian. And it only takes two treatments before you see results. Original price if $460 but with the GMA exclusive deal it is only $230 on their website.


GMA: Skweez Couture Review

GMA: Skweez Couture & Red Carpet Manicure Reviews | What Would You Do?

Good Morning America reveals some great prices on some awesome Emmy party gifts to keep you looking fabulous.

Skweez Couture shapewear is made by Jill Zarin from The Real Housewives of New York, will deliver a smooth clean look under any article of clothing. Original price was $38 to $69 but with GMA exclusive deal they are only $15 to $28.

Good Morning America: Red Carpet Manicure Review

Red Carpet Manicure LED Gel Polish Kit is perfect for getting glamourus. The kit includes chip free manicure polish, extra polishes, rhinestones and glitter. Original price was $110 but with GMA exclusive deals it is only $55.


GMA: Bettina Duncan Bangles Review

These Bettina Duncan bangles are the perfect accessory to any dress. All the bangles are made to be stacked on the arm and come in numerous shapes, sizes and colors. Original price was $45 to $65 but with GMA exclusive deals these are only $22.50 to $28.

Good Morning America: AQUASWISS

AQUASWISS Watches are the hot new accessory for every guy. These functional, slim and stylist watches can be worn anytime. With a price tag of $400 to $500 it may be hard to afford one, but with GMA exclusive deals you can buy a watch for $140 to $175.

All the GMA deals are available through the show’s official website.

Good Morning America: Emmy Awards Take a Journey

Good Morning America let us all in a cool little secret about the Emmys. The actual golden awards are made in Chicago and shipped across the United States to California in their own private seat and even have their own security. That is how I want to fly from now on.

Good Morning America: What Would You Do? Preview

The TV show What Would You Do? is having what looks to be one their funniest shows yet. The show, which using actors to put normal people in strange situations to see how they act, is pulling a Jersey Shore-style prank.

The show is sending a couple into a tanning a salon where the couple will keep bickering about how untan the boyfriend is. After he comes out looking like a lobster and saying his body is on fire, we get to see what the incident bystanders will do. Would you help the guy get away from his sadistic girlfriend? Let me know in the comments below.


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