GMA: Pinterest Review: Users Organize Favorite Things, Find Gigs


Good Morning America: Pinterest Review

Good Morning America’s Lara Spencer gave viewers the rundown on Pinterest, a social bookmarking site that has been skyrocketing in popularity this year. Pinterest allows users to collect and share images, and also follow other users. It isn’t just for internet-obsessed teens. Adults everywhere are logging on and creating an account. Have you joined yet?

GMA: Celebrities Love Pinterest

Pinterest Review: Good Morning America

GMA's Pinterest review explored how the site lets users collect & share recipes and ideas, as well as providing networking opportunities.


Stars like Katie Couric, Martha Stewart, Tori Spelling and Reese Witherspoon have all joined the site, showcasing their favorite recipes, style trends and home decor ideas.

“It’s mainly just a collection of the most amazing, wonderful craftiness on the earth,” Witherspoon told Conan O’Brien.

Pinterest is the perfect way to keep recipes that you find online organized. As a bride, I loved having a place where I could have all of my wedding ideas in one place.


Pinterest allows you to organize your findings into different tabs. For example, some of my tabs are wedding ideas, accessories, desserts, meals and DIY ideas.

GMA: Powerhouse Pinners Have Millions of Followers

Christine Martinez and Maia McDonald are two powerhouse pinners, with hundreds of thousands of images pinned.

“I was definitely that person that would secretly tear something out of a magazine when no one else was looking and stick it in my purse,” Martinez said. “Now it’s fantastic that I don’t have to do that anymore.”

Martinez has a following in the millions.

“Every single time people ask me ‘What do you like?’ it’s like, well here, here’s a link,” Martinez said.

Martinez turned to Pinterest to help her plan her upcoming wedding.

“It was a really overwhelming process to start planning my wedding so after, I’d say, a couple months of developing this wedding board I got a really great sense of exactly what I wanted and what I really wanted that day to look like,” Martinez said.

How To Promote Your Business on Pinterest

Graphic designer McDonald has 1.8 million followers and has used Pinterest to get herself out there.

“I’ve found clients through Pinterest who had a business and were looking for a new graphic designer and happened to see me,” McDonald said.

You can check out my wedding idea boards on Pinterest, and be sure to follow Recapo’s Pinterest too!


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