GMA: Miranda Kerr’s Noni Juice & Victoria’s Secret Fabulous Bra Review


GMA: Miranda Kerr Oscar Photo Bomb

Miranda Kerr, a Victora’s Secret supermodel, stopped by Good Morning America February 27 2013 to talk about ways to stay healthy. Lara Spencer asked her about the photo that was circulating of her and her husband, actor Orlando Bloom, at the Vanity Fair Oscar party, which Modern Family star Jessie Tyler Ferguson photo bombed. Miranda Kerr said that Jessie Tyler Ferguson is a friend and that he was having fun.

GMA: Miranda Kerr Beauty Secrets

GMA: Miranda Kerr's Noni Juice & Victoria's Secret Fabulous Bra Review

Miranda Kerr stopped by GMA February 27 2013 to talk about her health secrets, like noni juice and Victoria’s Secret bras. (s_bukley /


Miranda Kerr is not only a supermodel, but a certified nutritionist, and she had several beauty secrets to share with GMA. Lara Spencer and Sam Champion were interviewing her and when her first beauty secret, the bra, was discussed, Sam Champion slowly started backing away. Miranda Kerr said that Victoria’s Secret has just launched a new Fabulous collection. The bra she had on display was a multi-way bra, which came in a lot of beautiful colors. The bra can be worn strapless or worn cross-back.

Sam Champion asked, “You don’t have to be a science major to operate this, do you? Because there’s snaps and clips and everything and you can just move everything around.”

Lara Spencer assured him that everyone who would be wearing the bra knew how to use it. Miranda Kerr said, “I’m wearing one now. It’s the strapless version of the exact bra.” Sam Champion looked away from her and looked at the display bra and said, “It’s beautiful. It’s absolutely gorgeous.” From off camera, there was heavy laughter, possibly from Josh Elliott.


Miranda Kerr: Noni Juice Antioxidants

Miranda Kerr said that one of her beauty secrets was noni juice, which she’s been drinking since she was 11-years-old. Lara Spencer said, “Give it to me,” before grabbing the glass and drinking a bunch of it. After drinking, she reacted to it like it tasted bad. Miranda Kerr said it was quite potent. Sam Champion asked how much you were supposed to drink and Miranda Kerr said only a little shot. Lara Spencer jokingly asked if there were any side effects.

Miranda Kerr said that the juice was full of antioxidants and that it’s a super food. It’s from the noni plant, which originated in Polynesia. The drink gives you a lot of energy. Lara Spencer later said she was teasing about it tasting bad. Josh Elliott said after the interview was over, “That was remarkable television.”

Personally, I kind of want to try the noni juice just to see if it really does make me feel healthier and give me more energy. What do you think of miracle juices like noni juice? Would you try it?


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