GMA: Mary McCartney Vegetarian Cookbook & Shadow Dancer Film Review


Crunch Gym 90s Dance Beat Review

Move over Zumba, ’90s dance beat is all about having a good time and feeling fly. New York’s Crunch gym is getting people moving to a ’90s dance break. It utilizes every muscle group, head to toe. You can get fun with this dance workout and wear your best ’90s clothing.

GMA: Mary McCartney Vegetarian Cookbook & Shadow Dancer Film Review

Mary McCartney, daughter of famous musician Paul McCartney, debuts her vegetarian cookbook, “Food.” It’s full of recipes, like eggplant & goat cheese bake.


Mary McCartney Vegetarian Cookbook “Food” Review

The McCartney family is uber talented. From Paul’s rock n roll music, to Stella’s fabulous fashions, to Mary McCartney. Mary and her family have a passion for vegetarian dishes, inspired by Paul McCartney’s true love, Linda. Food is simple and beautiful.

Her parents used to say how delicious simple things like carrots were and it made her roll her eyes. Paul and Linda McCartney had a life-changing moment when eating pork chops one day. They looked out and saw the live animals in the field and then realized that their meal used to be one of them. They sat the family down and committed themselves to a meat-free lifestyle.

Mary hopes to teach people that vegetables don’t have to be boring or stereotypical. Her family used discuss how to fill the holes left by meat in their diet. The result became delicious dishes like sweet corn fritters and eggplant bakes with goat cheese. Paul McCartney is Mary’s neighbor in England and she often cooks for him.


Food by Mary McCartney is now available.

Clive Owen & Andrea Riseborough Shadow Dancer Film Review

A world of violence and suspicion is unfolded in Clive Owen’s new film Shadow Dancer, also starring Andrea Riseborough. Set in Belfast in the 1990s, Shadow Dancer has Owen playing a British agent trying to get Collette (Riseborough) to work as a secret agent.

Riseborough said that her character originally talked a lot, but they paired it down. She said that it makes her character stronger.

Owen said he was in Belfast during the 1990s and it was a very different world, “a war zone” he said. The script for Shadow Dancer won Clive Owen over and he had to be a part of the project.

Aside from starring in Shadow Dancer , Clive Owen and Andrea Risborough have deeper connections. They grew up in similar areas with similar schooling, oh, and they worked closely with Madonna. Owen was in a seven-minute short film directed by Guy Richie and Riseborough was hand-picked to star in W.E., directed by Madonna.

“It was a fantastic time, I’m so proud to be a part of the film,” Riseborough said.


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