GMA: Marissa Mayer Flickr Redesign & Terabyte Storage Original Photos


Yahoo! CEO Introduces Flickr Redesign

GMA: Marissa Mayer Flickr Redesign & Terabyte Storage Original Photos

Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer said the new flickr redesign puts the focus on original quality photo sharing. Users get a terabyte of storage for signing up.

Flickr is getting a redesign, said Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer. The jumbotrons in Times Square showed off the new designs that will make photos pop like never before. Yahoo! is also making a terabyte available to users for free. This will allow you to store about half a million photos on flickr.


The new flickr homepage shows nothing but amazing photos. A lot like a Facebook feed, your friend, family and people you follow’s photos are large and in charge of the home screen. You can scroll and interact through comments with the users and their work. The photos are not shown in thumbnail size, but take up about a third of the screen.

Store & Share Original Quality Photos on New Flickr

Markus Spiering, head of product at flickrsaid that the redesign broadens the user base and make everything much easier to use. Spiering has nearly 7,000 photos on flickr and he has been a user since 2009. He said that he can continue to upload at that pace and not run out of space for photos for another 116 years.

Marissa Mayer said that the best part about the new flickr is that you can store original quality photos. You won’t lose anything and your photos are safely stored in their online database.


Khaled Hosseini’s New Book “And The Mountains Echoed” Review

The New York Times Bestselling authorof The Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini is releasing his first book in six years. And The Mountains Echoed is a book about how families feel, love, hurt and sacrifice.

“I never intended to publish my first novel,” Hosseini told GMA. “I just wanted to write it and put it aside.”

Hosseini wrote The Kite Runner while working as  doctor and this new novel was also a long process. He said it was a frustrating process, but inspiration finally came. And The Mountains Echoed takes readers back to the setting of his last books, Afghanistan.

Khaled Hosseini Gives Back to Afghanistan

In his personal life, Hosseini takes regular trips to Afghanistan to help build shelters, give medical attention and provide scholarships for women to go to school. He said that his affluent life was the product of a “stupid genetic lottery” and he feels compelled to give back. He has sold over 38 million books world wide.

Khaled Hosseini said that it was “a real shocker” that anyone even read his first novel. He obviously hopes this one does well, but writing sounds like it’s a passion for him, not where he finds his worth.


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