GMA: How To Get the Perfect Bra Cup With Jockey Fit Kit Bra Sizing


Jockey Bra Sizing System Replacing Traditional Bra Cup Sizes

A bra revolution is coming. The days of slipping straps, smoothing panels, off sizes and wacky textures may be going away.

Finding the right bra is the fashion equivalent of the Holy Grail,” Lori Bergamotto, Lucky Magazine, said.


A recent study found that 90 million American women are wearing the wrong bra size. That’s eight out of ten ladies being poked, squished or swimming in the wrong over the shoulder bolder holder. Since the 1930s, the traditional ABCDs of bras have been the way ladies tell what cup and bust size they are. Those days may be a thing of the past.

GMA: How To Get the Perfect Bra Cup With Jockey Fit Kit Bra Sizing

Jockey International introduces the $20 Jockey Fit Kit. 10 plastic cups and a measuring tape promise “love at first fit.”

Jockey Fit Kit Guarantees “Love At First Fit”

Jockey International, known for their jersey comfy bras, has come up with a new way to measure. There are 10 different cup shapes based off of scans of over 100 women to make up the perfect size, said Miryha Fantegrossi, design director of Jockey International.


The Jockey Fit Kit comes with 10 plastic cups and a special measuring tape to get your size right. No more A, B, C, D, DD, EEE…your new size might be a numbered cup and traditional sizing of rib cage.

“Right now, there’s a lot of people that fall in no man’s land of cup sizes,” Fantegrossi explained. “We guarantee love at first fit.

Victoria’s Secret Bra Sizing Vs. Jockey Fit Kit Bra Sizing

Many women are still sticking the the tried and true method of in store sizing. Victoria’s Secret’s personalized fittings are confidential and leave you with the perfect size. The Fit Kit is $20, while an in-store fitting is usually free.

“Why should we have to purchase a kit then purchase the bra?” wrote one woman from Dallas. “That’s ridiculous. If Jockey wants us to buy the bra they should then happily GIVE the kit.”

“Having the right bra is like having the perfect outfit,” another woman said. “You feel like you can conquer the world.”


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