GMA: H&M Printed Sports Leggings & Planning For Your Dream Vacation


GMA: Save Or Splurge Fashion Game

Kate Dimmock, fashion director of People Style Watchvisited Good Morning America to talk about fitness fashion and to play a game with Lara Spencer called Save or Splurge. Kate Dimmock said that the world of athletic wear has influenced the fashion catwalk. She said that now there are sporty clothes that you can wear all day. Two models would come out and Lara Spencer would have to guess which model was wearing the thrifty clothing and which was wearing the more expensive clothing. One big tip Kate Dimmock had was that wedge sneakers are everywhere this season. Whether you choose the save item, the Gojane sneaker wedges for $27.30, or the splurge, L.A.M.B. sneaker wedges for $365, these shoes are the go-to item for the fashionable woman this season. They’re not really workout-recommended though.

GMA: H&M Printed Sports Leggings & Planning For Your Dream Vacation

Don’t know where to go for your dream vacation to find a wonderful beach like this? No worries! Bert Kreischer has a lot of great tips on his show Trip Flip.


Other looks GMA checked out were yoga-wear, where Kate Dimmock praised Roxy everyday yoga pants, which are $78, and running clothes, where Kate Dimmock commented on H&M’s great bargains on great running wear, including their H&M vest for $24.94 and their printed sports leggings for $29.95.

GMA: Planning For Your Dream Vacation

Bert Kreischer, host of Trip Flip, came by GMA March 22 2013 to talk about planning dream vacations. He helped a family plan a dream vacation and GMA was there to cover it. Bert Kreischer came up with three locations after meeting the family:

  1. Anaheim, California. There’s Disneyland, which he recommended they visit on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, which are traditionally the least busy days. Anaheim also has great beaches.
  2. Hilton Head, South Carolina. It has great beaches and world-class golfing. Bert Kreischer recommended they fly into Savannah, Georgia instead of the local airport because that can save them $100 a ticket.
  3. Next up was Paris. Bert Kreischer recommended booking coach at least 24 weeks in advance. But he said that they shouldn’t rule out first class tickets, either, because coach fills up so fast in the summer and no one is looking at first class.

Which trip did the family choose? Anaheim. But really, any choice was good.


GMA: How To Get a Deal On Vacations

Bert Kreischer had some advice for families at home, too.

  1. Book flights Tuesday at 3 p.m. online. On Thursday, airlines start jacking up the prices because families wait until everyone is home at the same time to plan trips. Tuesday at 3 p.m. is the time when the lowest amount of people are booking flights.
  2. To save money on hotels, wait for something called a “soft launch.” It’s when four star hotels get their hotel ready. Everything is in place, but they want to test out their brand new hotel. You can get a four star hotel for two star prices during a soft launch, eating gourmet breakfasts and having the fancy rooms.

Tips like these and more can be found on the Trip Flip show.


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