GMA: Extreme Prenups & Day2Night Convertible Heels Review


Good Morning America: Extreme Prenups

In the movie Intolerable Cruelty, George Clooney plays a lawyer who has concocted the foolproof prenuptial agreement. And everyone wants him to make their prenups. But it looks like now fiction is turning into reality.

Prenups are becoming more and more commonplace in America and some of them are getting very extreme. Most prenups cover just the finances, but now prenups are covering everything from a wife having to stay fit and trim to a husband having to pay $10,000 every time he is rude to his mother-in-law and father-in-law.


GMA: Love Broker & Prenuptial Agreements

One man named Greg said he does not want to grow old with someone that will not stay healthy and keep their weight down.

Lori Zaslow, from the show Love Broker, said these prenups are crazy. People change and you have to love them for who they become.

The craziest part about all this. People actually sign these prenups. Would you sign one so extreme? I know I wouldn’t. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.


Good Morning America: Day2Night Convertible Heels Review

GMA: Extreme Prenups & Day2Night Convertible Heels Review

Good Morning America talks about extreme prenups, reviews the Day2Night Convertible Heels and Sofia Vergara stops by to talk about her dress malfunction.

High heels have gone high tech. These staples of the runway are going from not so comfy to everyday shoes. As most women know, trying to walk in heels in very uncomfortable, but with the new Day2Night Heels, woman can transform the shoes from heels to flats in just seconds. The shoes a have  retractable heel which slip under the shoe and turns them into flats.

The shoes, thought up by a graduate student named Candice, who wanted to look professional yet have the option to be comfortable. Although many different types of these shoes have been in the past, according to Good Morning America, Candice said she thinks these shoes will work because of the low price and the sleek look.

Lara said she loved the heels, mentioning it is like have two shoes for the price of one.

Modern Family: Sofia Vergara Wardrobe Malfunction

Sofia Vergara was the next cast member from Modern Family to come on Good Morning America this week.

Vergara said she loved working on the show but at first she was sad she would have to work with Ed O’Neill in so many scenes. She said they have become excellent friends and she would not want to be fake married to anyone else. As for being fake pregnant on the show, Vergara said it is very hard. She said the pregnancy suit she has to wear is very heavy and very hot.

Good Morning America had to bring up the dress again, for the third time in as many days. Vergara said she got up to take a picture during a commercial break and her fiancee told her she had ripped her dress. She rushed back stage and had her dress team sew her up as best they could. Apparently, they did an excellent job because the dress did not rip when she was dancing at the after party.

Good Morning America also asked her about her fiancee, who she said fits right in with her large family. I am sure any man would do anything Sofia Vergara told him to do.


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