GMA: Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender & Ben Affleck Living on $1.50


GMA: Ultimate Deals & Steals Week

Every day this week, GMA and Tory Johnson are bringing you amazing deals and steals. Today, has assembled the best kitchen accessories on their website. Free shipping and the prices are slashed dramatically – you can’t miss these deals.

42 Piece Dinnerware Set, $55 with free shipping
The cool thing about this dinnerware set is the shape. This is a square shaped set that will make any meal look designer.


GMA: Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender & Ben Affleck Living on $1.50

GMA’s Ultimate Deals & Steals week kicked off with products from Cuisinart and Ben Affleck is living on $1.50 a day for Living Below the Line. (image credit: s_bukley,

Mini-Prep Plus 3-Cup Processor, $35 with free shipping
If you’ve been looking for an easy to use food processor, then the fates have answered your plea. This little guy is so affordable you almost can’t pass it up.

Smart Stick Hand Blender, $30 with free shipping
As the great Liz Lemon would say, “I want to go to there.” What’s not to love about a Cuisinart hand blender for $30?


Along with all of these deals, there are also knife sets, place settings and non-stick cookware. Everything is getting very limited, so go now!

Ben Affleck Living On $1.50 a Day For One Week

Stars like Ben Affleck are agreeing to go on $1.50 a day to support Live Below the Line. Live Below the Line was kicked off by Hugh Jackman and has gained the attention of other stars. This doesn’t mean $1.50 a meal, but really $1.50 for three meals. This could get you a small Starbucks coffee or a bag of potato chips.

The challenge of spending $7.50 a week to eat is not going to be easy for Affleck, but it helps raise awareness for those living in poverty. Affleck is reportedly worth $65 million.

The rules are simple and restricting. You can’t accept handouts from friends or snacks that were previously stocked in your pantry. You can drink as much tap water as you want. The hope is to raise as much awareness for poverty as possible.


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