GMA: Bill O’Reilly Keep It Pithy Review, Jessica’s Law & Veterans


Bill O’Reilly’s New Book: Keep It Pithy

Host of The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News and bestselling author Bill O’Reilly discussed his new book of observations, Keep It Pithy. “The world is changing in very profound ways,” Bill said. His new book talks about these changes, “some good, a lot bad,” and offers possible solutions to problems arising from these changes.

GMA: Bill O'Reilly Keep It Pithy Review, Jessica's Law & Veterans

Bill O’Reilly discusses his new book “Keep It Pithy” and his proudest moments as a journalist.


One of the problems Bill mentions is the idea that our culture is a tough climate for kids because of their reliance on computers and other machines. “It’s immediate gratification without effort,” he said. “It’s an addiction. Kids don’t want to go outside, don’t want to make friends, don’t want to get dirty.” He went on to explain that this addiction can take over the whole family.

This is one of the many issues that he discusses in Keep It Pithy, a book that he said is more common sense solutions to problems than lecturing about our country’s problems. He also recalls stories for comedic relief, such as the time he spent “the longest car ride of [his] life” with Elton John. Keep It Pithy is available for purchase now.

Good Morning America: Bill O’Reilly Jessica’s Law

When asked about his proudest moments throughout his journalism career, there were two standouts in Bill O’Reilly’s mind. First was his work with Jessica’s Law, where 45 out of 50 states passed laws in favor of tough, mandatory prison sentences for those who violate children.


GMA: Bill O’Reilly Track Chairs For Wounded Veterans

Second is the project he’s currently working on. He is hoping to provide track chairs for the some 1,700 paralyzed and amputee military veterans from Afghanistan and Iraq. Each chair costs $1,500 and he said the project is well on its way to providing a chair for each of these veterans. He said that it’s not his career that he’s most proud of, it’s what he has been able to do off his career that makes him most proud.



  1. Bob calderon says

    Bill O’reily: I’m a 100% disabled Vietnam Vet. I would like some info on the track wheelchair.
    Thank You

  2. Jerry D. Jones says

    Mr Bill Oreilly, I have a neighbor that is a double amputee,plus lost an arm. I would like any information you can send me. I think what you are doing for our veteran’ is great. thank you. Jerry D. Jones

  3. Sandra says

    I have a friend that wants to donate money for a trac chair. She doesn’t know the details. Can you email me information that I can give her?


  4. john lokey says

    I have a good friend who is a Vietnam vet he lost both his legs. I’m very interested in trying to get a trac chair for him. They have been promising him a new chair but they have not come through.he lives on 21/2 acres and with his old chair it is very difficult for him to get around. It hurts me to watch him.can you please help sincerely John lokey

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