GOP Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Picks Paul Ryan as Running Mate


By Minami Furukawa

Mitt Romney to Announce Paul Ryan as Presidential Running Mate

Due to the breaking news regarding Romney’s pick for Vice President, Paul Ryan, David Muir, the ABC reporter who has followed the presidential candidate throughout the race, filled in for Dan Harris on the Saturday, August 11 2012 episode of Good Morning America. Ryan is described as a “bold choice designed to shake up the race,” and will be formally announced alongside Romney at 9:05 a.m. EST in front of the USS Wisconsin in Norfolk, Virginia.


GMA: Romney's VP Running Mate Paul Ryan

Fitness nut Paul Ryan was chosen as the running mate for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (Christopher Halloran /

Good Morning America: VP Paul Ryan Pros & Cons

Ryan, who was elected to the house from his Wisconsin district seven times is famous for the “Ryan Budget,” which calls for sharp cuts in federal spending. The controversial plan proposes to give senior citizens the option to buy private insurance, transforming Medicare and Medicaid and reducing the top marginal tax rate to 25%.

This focus on senior citizens will put states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Ohio into contention, where Obama has been lagging. Wisconsin, where Ryan is a native, is also a key swing state, having voted blue consistently since the era of Roosevelt and Truman.


Paul Ryan is said to be a very personal pick for Romney, and the two demonstrate great personal chemistry together. George Stephanopoulos describes Ryan as very smart and analytical, “the kind of guy you want by your side.”

Romney Vs Obama: Will Ryan Change Obama’s Strategy?

The Democratic Rapid Response Team has been silent so far on the issue, but the President has already mentioned Ryan before in his stump speeches. Bill Burton, the Obama Super PAC Chief, commented that Romney will have picked the only candidate who can make an impact in the race but not in the way Romney wanted.

Good Morning America: Who Is Paul Ryan?

Congressman Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin native, an avid hunter, fisherman, and fan of Led Zeppelin. Ryan is very athletic, often leading his fellow congressmen to take part in the grueling fitness program P90X. A family man, Ryan has three kids and has been married for 12 years.

Ryan was born in Jamesville, WI in 1970, and was the youngest of 4 siblings. He relied on social security after his father’s death to get through college. In 1998, Ryan ran for Congress and won, and has since voted for the Iraq War, the TARP bailout, and the automotive bailout.


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